Great Cocktail Book Quotes #1

Did you hear about couple who’d been together so long they were on their second bottle of bitters?

—From Shaken Not Stirred : A Celebration of the Martini

I like this book, even if it doesn’t have a Pegu recipe. This quote is unattributed, but it has special resonance for Margaret and me. I bought our third large bottle of Angostura Bitters last week, and I then read this little bon mot today.

  1. Hilarious! I’d love to use that line at a party… sadly I don’t think any of my friends would have the slightest idea what I was on about.

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  2. Doug

    4 July

    Ah, so use it as a test. Anyone who laughs get ultra high marks.
    Anyone who doesn’t, let them watch you make a Pegu.
    If they still don’t get it, invite them to watch the shiny lights in the ceiling for a while.

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