Pegu Blog Certified Bartender™: Todd

Pegu Blog Certified Bartender™: Todd

Todd at Smith and Wollensky
I’d like to introduce a new feature: The Pegu Blog Certified Bartender™.

As we stumble through our lives, Maggi and I like to teach every likely bartender we run across, to make Pegus. (For more on this, and tools to facilitate, see here.) I’m going to focus on the best of these, those that remember me and the Pegu recipe the next time I walk in. I’ll give my impressions of them, their bar, and post a picture like the one in this post. I took this picture with my new iPhone. (As Ferris Beuller so famously said about another sleek product, It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up!)

This is Todd. He works at the bar at Smith and Wollensky in the Easton shopping extravaganza/faux Main Street in Columbus, Ohio. It is a way above average steak house bar, especially in the Summertime. It is open to the street, looking out over the fountain, other stores and restaurants, the passing parade of cars and people, oh, and the worldwide flagship store of Victoria’s Secret. So the view ain’t bad. There is usually live music, and they are happy to serve you your dinner while sitting at the bar.

Todd is a bright guy, funny, and in possession of a great memory for faces and recipes. One of the best things to say about him is that he attracts regulars. The very best thing to say about him is that he attracts other bartenders as regulars.

I really believe that it is a mark of good bartender that if you get into a conversation with him or her, you find yourself in conversation with the other patrons as well. Every time we’ve drunk at S & W with Todd, we’ve gotten into one or more interesting, if occasionally incoherent, conversations with those sitting or standing around us.

If you live in Columbus, drop in on Todd and have a Pegu, then let us know you did. If you are traveling to Columbus on an expense account, go see him and order a big honking steak to go with your Pegu!

  1. Todd

    4 July

    I love the website and thanks for the appreciation. I enjoy learning new drinks and meeting new people. I will hopefully see you shortly and I will definately bookmark this website. Happy Independance Day

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