Things I learned from MxMo….

Things I learned from MxMo….

Well, I have now participated in my first Mixology Monday. It was fun writing my post, and lots of fun reading others! A big thanks to Jay at for profiling the One True Cocktail™, and to everyone else, for putting up so many posts that were interesting enough for me to get through all the way to the end. (My life is usually a series of episodes of Short Attention Span Theater, sorry.)

I learned many things from this experience, aside from a lot of new cocktails to try, some useful, and some funny. So I thought I’d share a few of these things that aren’t recipe related, but instead come from Sitemeter.
First, while most of us and our readers are in the US, with the UK a distant but important second, there are cocktail blog readers everywhere! Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany all checked in. I got hits from India and even Mauritania! No one from France….
Second, people will read a lot of your blog when they first hit it. I got departure clicks from way down the main page.
Third, I found that people actually read and follow blogroll links. I’ve been reading lots of blogs of all kinds for a while now, and I never really paid much attention to anyone’s blogroll before. When I saw how many hits come in and leave via blogrolls, I found out I was in the minority. So I went back and did some work to update and polish my blogroll. And I’ll know now to keep up with it as I discover more of you that I want to read regularly!
Fourth, search engines get some strange requests, and I’m there for those requesters! My main website for my murder mystery business gets some peachy search engine hits, but I started culling out the Pegu Blog visits for separate study. This isn’t really MxMo related, but since I was giving the logs a closer than usual look to see how MxMo went, I came up with these gems: pegu bartenders—search Google for this, and The Pegu Blog comes up first, five steps ahead of The Pegu Club itself! strawberry daiquiris not always chick drink gave me a hit from someone who was here a while. And searching Yahoo for calling a woman a broad gives my post on the subject the number five position, which I guess makes me the Internet’s fifth leading authority on Broads. I feel so special….

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