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So in the run up to Mixology Monday: Limit One, I was perusing my blogroll and caught this post by Jay at Oh Gosh! about the collection of Orange Liqueurs he has amassed. Follow the link, check out Jay’s collection, and be dismayed at the paltry selection in your home bar, working bar, warehouse, or Orange Liqueur museum. I am, of course, a total Cointreau bigot, but my recent experiences with the Smoked Tea-Infused Pegu have led me to at least consider adding something else to my own inventory. I look forward to following Jay’s adventures.
It also got me to thinking about another recent post I had seen somewhere about an obscene collection of bitters someone had amassed. Took my a while, but I found it. Who owns it? Guess.

Jay needs a hobby.

Apparently, he already has one!

The two posts together have had me thinking about, and making, my personal version of the Singer.
This is a very important cocktail to me. Why? Because my mother has informed me on more than one occasion that I owe my existence (and that of my older brothers and sister) to this little cocktail.

Think on THAT the next time you want to get someone in the mood!


Yes, I wrote about Stingers last year for MxMo: Orange, but further experimentation and exposure to you inebriates in the Mixosphere has led me to make a critical addition to my recipe. Now I even take a sip or two myself when I make one for Maggi.
(I also just made a discovery that I had the proportions wrong in my MxMo post! I have corrected it now.)
The Stinger is a largely forgotten cocktail, and I can see a number of reasons for that. The most common, and original, recipe (CocktailDB) is kinda simplistic. It is too sweet for most guy drinks today, but too aromatic instead of fruity for chick drinks. As an aside, Thinking of Drinking has an interesting post up now about Gender Specific Cocktails that’s worth a read when discussing Stingers, though Sonja doesn’t mention them.
There are also booby traps in the Stinger recipe. For instance, I ordered one for Maggi at an Embassy Suites one time and watched as the bartender, dutifully following my directions to the letter, mixed up a cocktail of Brandy and Creme de Menthe—Green Creme de Menthe!
At the behest of the Ritz Carleton, and my mother, I have added Cointreau to the Stinger for quite some time. It adds some richness and complexity to a cocktail that already is more interesting than it sounds.
But my own personal innovation, spurred as I said by reading my fellow cocktail bloggers, is to add some mint bitters.
Behold: The Pegu Blog Stinger!
Pegu Blog Stinger


  • 3 parts Cognac (this cocktail is a loving offering, don’t use cheap brandy!)
  • 1 part White Creme de Menthe
  • 1 part Cointreau (ditto here: No Triple Sec!)
  • several dashes Fee’s Mint Bitters

Shake gently or stir vigorously, and strain into your most elegant cocktail glass.

Thanks for reading, and share one with someone you love. (Or someone you’d like to!)

  1. Jay Hepburn

    23 March

    Haha, I think I do perhaps need a hobby. Or at least a little more self-control. But when you see those beautiful bottles staring down at you…

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  2. Dagreb

    23 January

    I think with green CdeM it’s called a Green Hornet and is on the rocks. Not something you need to drink more than once. Evar.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

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