MxMo Followups: Things I’ve learned this MxM...

MxMo Followups: Things I’ve learned this MxMo

Thanks one more time to Rick at Kaiser Penguin for doing this month’s Mixology Monday. One of the things I love about MxMo is the excuse to read a lot of cocktail blog posts. Invariably, I learn a bunch of interesting things. And invariably, some of the best things I learn have little or nothing to do with cocktails at all! So herewith is the second in my little series of post-MxMo tidbit buffets:

First up, from Iceland Spar is some new vocabulary. Vocabulary is very important to me, though it does lead to some problems. Last Summer, I called my tennis team captain one morning before a match and launched into some issue. I was brought up short when he complained, Doug, why are you calling me this early in the morning and making me hear big words? The new term I learned is Shandian Restraint“, which means to go on at length—at quite unnecessary, but perhaps entertaining length. Regular readers are expecting one of my co bloggers to pipe up here with some smartass question about why I would ever have use for such a term. But you are going to be disappointed, as I locked them in the drawer before I started this paragraph! There, that was edited down as far as I could take it. After all, brevity is the soul of wit!

The next thing I found was another blogging bartender: Lance Mayhew of My Life on the Rocks. He was swiftly added to my Blogbarcrawl (also available in the sidebar). When you travel around the world, be sure to check the Blogbarcrawl map to see if there is anyone in particular where you are going whom you ought to patronize! When in Portland, OR, check in with Lance.

Subsequently, I was reminded of something: How much my late father looked like Papa. Dave, at Dave’s Drinks did a neat concoction called the Papa Doble Revisited. He includes a picture of Hemmingway I had not seen before, but as with more than half of the pictures I see of the man, he could hardly look more like my father.

Borrowed from Dave’s Drinks.

Borrowed from my iPhoto library.

Incidentally, I’ve been on Hemmingway’s boat, and my Dad’s was bigger.

Then we come to a new drink with one of those names that seems so perfect for a brain-bomb cocktail that it is hard to imagine why it hasn’t been used before. This instant classic comes from Keith of Moving at the Speed of Life. (B.T.W., you can also find the location of Keith’s mahogany over in the Blogbarcrawl!)
Behold! The Holy Handgrenade of Antioch! The name alone is enough to ensure this drink a place in bar books through the Twenty-First Century!
Too bad it will immediately be bowdlerized the world over with Bacardi 151, sour mix, and licorish schnapps….

Finally, I was forced to conclude that my recent efforts at site redesign were insufficient! I went poking around Sloshed! and was admiring the new look. I then realized that the header picture changes with each reload. I’m as green with envy as that gorgeous lime image that shows up atop Sloshed! every couple of reloads.

That is all I have for now! Stay tuned for more trivia next month, after we all make ourselves sick with fruity liqueurs!

  1. Marleigh

    8 April

    Thanks, Doug! I’m so glad that you enjoy the new look, though I will say that I have a small advantage in that I do design work at my “real” job—so don’t get discouraged!

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  2. Doug

    8 April

    Thanks, Marleigh.

    I’m not a designer (obviously!), but I do have to do a lot of design for my business. Frankly, it is a lot of fun.

    And don’t think I won’t somehow steal the idea of randomly changing images in the header. Give me time. Theft, er, flattery is my favorite source of ideas….

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