Basement Bar Design Accessories #2a: More Holiday ...

Basement Bar Design Accessories #2a: More Holiday Glassware Giveaways

OK, I had a pretty good response to my first post on this subject, so I thought I’d look into some more spirits that are giving away nice glassware and other mixological items with a standard-priced bottle at the holidays. As I noted in my post on buying glassware, you can augment your bar glassware like this, and stock up at the same time!
This time, I’ve included high-resolution pictures of those that I can find such images for. Click on the pix to enlarge.

…has been rumored for
centuries to stir up the
emotions among individuals.

Let’s start with Agavero Tequila. I think this gift set is really more targeted at February 14th, rather than Christmas. Agavero is a blue-agave tequila that is blended with Damiana, a mexican flower with purported aphrodisiac qualities…. The Agavero gift pack includes a nicely painted lowball. It includes the name of the product on it, which lessens its utility. But it is quite attractive, and as you can see from the picture, you can turn the logo to the back and the design still works.

Apparently Beefeater, like me,
is not worried that you are
going to bruise its product!

This obscure brand I only just discovered, called Beefeater, has two holiday gift packs. The first comes with two narrow highball glasses. The logo on these is kind of prominent, but not garish. If you are really a Beefeater guy, they would work nicely. The second pack (shown) has an insulated shaker that comes with the big bottle. I personally don’t like insulated shakers, because I like to feel how cold the drink is getting when I shake, but I know a lot of people prefer not to freeze their hands. UPDATE: Beefeater has a third gift pack this year with two nice, simple cocktail glasses. The logo is small, frosted letters that are not very noticeable. I just bought a pack today.

Jameson Irish Whiskey comes with two monster pub tumblers. The logos are quite prominent here, but is a classic style that I think works. I really like gift sets like this that come with two glasses. Drinking is a communal sport, or it should be. Especially the brown liquors!
Warning! If you drink your whiskey neat, and use these glasses, your bottle will not last long!

For New Year’s Eve, Perrier-Jouet has a new jewelry box with a bottle and two champagne flutes painted in floral style. The glasses appear to be virtually the same as the two that came in a gift set Maggi and I received for our wedding, 19 years ago. I’d say these are some pretty timeless giveaways!
No logo, just the floral display. They will remind any fine champagne drinker of P-J at first sight, but they seem less commercial. The website for Perrier-Jouet is simply stunning. It goes on forever with amazing videos that always seem to be on the verge of saying something profound, yet ultimately never say anything at all.

No picture of the gift
box. Are you sorry?

Finally, Midori Melon Liqueur takes a different tack. Rather than glasses or a shaker to go with your bottle of this suddenly omnipresent liqueur, they include reinforcements! In your gift box, you will find a half-sized bottle of SKYY Vodka (supporters of the treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo!). The bad news here is that this will soon be consumed and will do nothing to supplement your Basement Bar’s long-term outfitting. The good news is that SKYY is pretty good Vodka….

  1. Jac

    10 December

    I can tell you from experience that the logo on the Beefeater highballs comes off fairly quickly with regular washing. 🙂

    I’ve got four glasses; only one has the logo left, and it’s pretty faint.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  2. Doug

    11 December

    This is true. I have to admit that logo fade can sometimes actually be a problem.
    I have a once lovely Mickey Mouse cocktail glass with stylized mickey heads all over it. They have almost completely faded, leaving me with a simple oversized martini glass. Sigh!

      (Quote)  (Reply)

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