Happy Birthday, Pegu Blog!

Today is the second anniversary of the my first post on The Pegu Blog. Therefore, I am required by the International Guild of Boozeblogging’s latest standards circular (Required Elements for Certified Liquor Blog Entries, ed. 2009, rev.3) to do some quick navel gazing about this undertaking.
This blog started two years ago as a lark. Maggi and I came up with the idea while sitting at a bar.


And while Maggi has had more than a few occasions to regret her snarky suggestion that a blog would be just the thing to help me spread the word about the Pegu, it has been a fun ride. I’ve met (online) a whole bunch of new friends, and learned a tremendous amount. The biggest thing I’ve learned, of course, is how little I know about cocktails and the cocktail life. That’s good, because that means I have a lot of material to keep this little enterprise going in the future.
In two years, I have written over 300 posts, a number which shocked me when I read it.

Well to be fair, I wrote five of them.
And Rumdood wrote two….

Yeah, but he….
I’m not talking to you right now. This is an important celebration of my body of work.

Body of work?
Come on. Half your posts are about stupid lists, bacon, ads, politics, and unlawful imprisonment of bloggers.

Hey, I write serious stuff too. How about Tiki Month? Or the Four Gospels of Cocktail? I write liquor reviews, some about bottles I bought, some about products that were sent to me by the makers….

Hey, mind your manners!
Don’t forget to thank them!

She’s right. I do want to thank all the companies and promoters who have sent me so many interesting bottles in recent months. I appreciate your desire to find out what I think of your product, and your desire for other people to find out what I think of your product. Do send more!
Also, I’m still a long way from finishing my whole series on Basement Bar Design. Stick around, I’ve got lots of stuff in the works there.
Now, it really isn’t surprising that I could write 300 posts. I am seldom at a loss for things to talk about, or the words to do the talking.

Or voices to say them with!

In fact, the only people who know me who think I’m remotely quiet are the guys I play poker with.

What about that one night?
Andy wanted to stuff a gag in your mouth.

An aberration. I will state that this was a cautionary tale about Pegus. Drink too many and you will. not. shut. up…..
What is genuinely surprising is how many of you people out there have decided to read what I write! Since installing Sitemeter on this website, I have gotten over 60,000 visitors. I had never really looked at the lifetime counter before, and that number floored me. Thank you, all of you, who stop by to see what I’m up to, who subscribe via RSS, or who simply stumble in from Google. Please stick around for the next two years. I do try to make it worth your while.

You do try….

Oh yeah, and I’ve put up with this guy almost from the very beginning, too. See what I do for you people out there?

But I’m your biggest fan!

You are probably right.


  1. Congratulations Doug!!!

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  2. Tiare

    6 June

    Congrats Doug!

    I`m soon on my 1st year.


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  3. Tony Harion

    7 June

    Congrats Doug!

    Keep´em coming.

    I think i might have a Pegu tonight!



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