ID Checking Server: For the Win!

ID Checking Server: For the Win!

Via Jonah Goldberg at the Corner, I found this gem from a blog I had not seen before. And yes, Spotted: DC Summer Interns has been added to my RSS. I am unable to resist adding some of my own snark as the story goes along, just for you.

Spotted: Bud Light Oversight Authority

Four interns sit down in my section and order four Bud Lights.

Me: I’m sorry, fellas, we don’t have Bud Light. We have PBR on draft, though.

Intern #1: (sighs) Fine, four of those.

Poor guys. It’s hard to imagine four capitol power brokers like them being forced to forego their favored premium lager like that….

Me: No problem. I just need to see your ID’s.

Intern #2: You don’t need to see our ID’s. We work for Congressman _______ from ________. (Flashes his red badge)

In the interests of protecting the innocent, Spotted redacts all names. I don’t think there are any innocents in DC, so I’ll fill in the banks for you. Captain America here works for Congressman Obi-wan Kenobi from Coruscant, apparently….

Me: Sorry, dude, but unless the Distinguished Gentleman from _______ is willing to use his oversight authority to make the $10,000 fine that we’d get slapped with for serving you without ID’s go away, and give me a paying job when I get fired anyway, I’m still going to have to see them.

Intern #1: Wow, “oversight authority.” That’s more knowledge than I’d expect from someone with your job.

The best comes last, and I didn’t quote it here in order to get you to go read the post itself. Bartenders and others who serve booze should really read it. It will warm the cockles of your soul.


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