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Drunken Tuxedo Tiki Man
Just when I thought I was out…

They drag me back in!

I had really planned to not do the whole Tiki Month thing again in 2010. It was a great gag last year, and I had a great time working with all the drinks so very different from my usual fare. But I’ve done the most important stuff: Don vs. Vic (source of the closest thing to a comments flame-war I’ve seen on this or any cocktail blog), Mugs, and of course Hawaiian Shirts. I didn’t think I needed to go Tiki again this year.
But it is frickin’ cold this Winter. And gray. And yucky. Transportation to far off, warm, exotic lands and seas via liquid libation is starting to sound better and better. So I’ve been crumbling in my resolve.

Then this week, the Liquor Fairy shows up with a box, not from some distiller, small or mighty, but from one of my fellow CSOWG bloggers: Blair Reynolds, aka Trader Tiki. That’s his logo atop this post, representing my impending relapse into faux-tropical, rum-soaked kitsch.
Trader Tiki's Hand-Crafted Exotic Syrups—Don's MixBlair has taken the leap into commercializing his passion and introduced Trader Tiki’s Hand-Crafted Exotic Syrups. He currently offers Cinnamon Syrup, Vanilla Syrup, Don’s Mix, and of course Orgeat, along with swizzle sticks topped by his own signature Tiki god, to keep evil away from your spirits. While I firmly believe that everyone should make their own orgeat at least once, to fully grasp how magical this ingredient is, I for one don’t feel the need to do it often. It’s is a pain, and I’m excited to let Blair do the creation for me. Regardless, Blair’s promotional samples have pushed me over the edge and I’ll be using them liberally when I don the flowerdy shirts again come Feb the First.

Also, on February 11th, the Mixosoleum chatroom will be hosting a Thursday Drink Night that focuses on using Blair’s concoctions. (Right in the middle of Tiki Month here at the Pegu Blog. Hmmm…. Who says I don’t have influence?) Mark your calendars to drop in after 7PM EST, try out original drink recipes made with Trader Tiki’s Exotic Syrups, and offer up your own ideas. Or just BS liberally on topics far and wide, which is what we do for the most part between drinks.
Of course, if you want to participate fully, you actually will need some or all of Blair’s elixirs yourself. If you want to have some on hand, you should probably order them now. Besides Blair’s own website, you can also get his syrups from

As a final note, Trader TIki is out of Orgeat for the next week or so. My febrile imagination pictures Blair slaving away in the Galley with little hairnets covering his sideburns, squeezing hot blanched almonds through cheesecloth, and burning his fingers, all to make fabulous, nutty goodness… just for you. Better get in line so you’ll have it for the 11th.

The-Liquor-Fairy-ThumbThe Liquor Fairy Was Here!
The following products, Trader Tiki’s Hand-Crafted Exotic Syrups, were recently provided to me as promotional consideration to encourage me to discuss them.
For a complete disclosure of my policies regarding promotional items and all other financial interests, please click this link, or follow the Liquor Fairy link in the header of this page.

  1. EraserGirl

    23 January

    definitely – go tiki every winter! liven the place up when you really need it. where’s my Tommy Bahama shirt?

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  2. I have no idea how I got the man to say such nice things, but wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

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