Now *THIS* Is Getting Alarming

Over at Bostonist, they notice something scary: One Horseman has become three!
Three horsemen of the cocktail apocalypse the bitterlypse times three
First, the world nearly lost Angostura Bitters. Here and there, shortages still rend lamentations from the throats of woeful cocktailians. If AB can be threatened, then no ingredient can be truly safe, can it? I dubbed this the Bitterlypse, but Bostonist points out that it was merely one horseman of a wider cocktail apocalypse.

Second (third in Bostonist’s reckoning) came the Egg Nazis, descending on that Citadel of Good, Pegu Club in Manhattan. Really guys? I’ve eaten in New York City. The Gotham health inspectors have more important concerns than the threat of a little raw egg white being served in glasses full of disinfectant.

And it still gets worse.

Third comes a fell horseman, sweeping away all the OXO two ounce mini measures from stores, and none appear on the horizon to replace them! These truly are dire times.

But here’s the really creepy part. There are four horsemen. What pestilence will this guy bring?

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  • Fears of rye and bourbon shortages due to demand rising faster than 4+ years ago of forecasting predicted? Knob Creek went through a dry spell. Rittenhouse 100 is in one now (and has been before). And perhaps other brands? I guess it only matters if you have brand loyalty since not all are suffering equally.

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  • Great call on the Rittenhouse 100….its been out since back in Sept….and they just canceled their shipment to Washington State. (yes I even emailed Heaven Hill)

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  • Thankfully the demand for things such Angostura Bitters and rye is so low here, I’ve not much to worry about – I extend my condolences to those affected. However, the graphics in this entry alone make it a classic. I’ll be passing it along for sure.

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