Rule 2 Work: Jay Visits Montego Bay

Here’s another chance for me to give Rule 2 a workout by pointing you toward someone else getting his Tiki on this February.
Oh Gosh! Blog
The Liquor Fairy visited Jay, writer of the essential Oh Gosh! (and possessor of the cocktailosphere’s best URL), with a bottle of Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum. He writes:

Not exactly a pleasant sipper, it is nonetheless packed with incredible flavours that excite the tongue. Clearly such an intense rum isn’t really meant to be consumed on its own – this is a spirit made for mixing drinks.

This rum is designed to taste like rum did in the early portion of the Twentieth Century, so Jay chose (with advice from Camper) to feature it in a Don the Beachcomber Tiki drink, the Montego Bay. I’m going to try not to steal too many drink photos from this series of posts, so you’ll need to go read Jay’s post to see the gorgeous picture he has of his Montego Bay. His perfectly crushed ice and amazing garnish are 100% Tiki Month Certified.
Sadly, Smith & Cross is not available in Ohio, and I have no out of state murders to attend to this month. But I still need to think hard on finding some rums with more antique flavor profiles to lend authenticity to Tiki Month. Actually, the Liquor Fairy hasn’t brought me any new rum in… I’m not sure how long. I guess it is all going somewhere else.

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