Tiki Technique: The Pineapple Goblet

It is a common enough Tiki gambit: Cut the top off of a pineapple, hollow that sucker out, and fill it with delicious liquid goodness. Add a couple of straws and Bob’s your uncle, you have a serious Tiki offering. I did it once or twice during last year’s Tiki Month. But at the recent Columbus Iron Bartender event, I noted a technique by Zak Renzetti-Voit that literally turned this old standard on its head. (picture of Zak’s work here)
Zak halved the pineapple closer to the bottom and cut off the leaves about halfway up in a single chop. After he hollowed out the inside, he had a pineapple drinking vessel that was a nifty goblet, rather than just a big cup. It was amazing to me how cool this was. I for one have never seen it anywhere else. Have any of the Tiki aficionados out there encountered this before, or has Zak hit on something original and special?
A drinking vessel this cool needs a Tiki drink to serve in it, of course. So today’s Tiki drink is the Tiger Shark, adapted by me from Beachbum Berry’s Sippin’ Safari.
Tiger Shark Tiki drink in pineapple goblet


  • 1 part gold rum
  • 1 part light rum
  • 1 part 151-proof rum (Lemon Hart Demerara preferred)
  • 1 part fresh lime juice
  • several chunks of fresh pineapple, mined from your goblet
  • 1 part simple syrup

Put ingredients in a blender and blend briefly to juice pineapple. Add small or cracked ice and blend again for about five seconds. Pour into your pineapple goblet and serve with a large caliber straw.

Just a few words of warning about these pineapple goblets, which you can take as coming from the Voice of Experience: Be careful to cut the top leaves absolutely level, and don’t trim off any of the leaves remaining, or the vessel will be unstable—trust me. Also, if you decorate it with some decor (like, oh let’s say a pink flamingo), don’t push the stick so far into the pineapple that it comes all the way through! This will leak….

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