What Did We Learn During This Year’s Tiki Month, Doug?

Well, I had to let Tiki Month 2010 peter out just a bit this year. Real life intruded a bit and I couldn’t keep up the frenetic pace all month long. Still, I had a blast, and I hope you did too. So now, in a nod to my favorite late night TV host, Craig Ferguson (that’s CraigyFerg on the Tweety), and spurred on by Dr. Bamboo, PBBOTI’s own anniversary ruminations, I’d like to discuss a few of the things I learned this February.

I learned that There´s a fine line between a tropical drink and a Tiki drink because a Tiki drink is a tropical drink that is Tiki.

I learned that Tiki music is powerful stuff. Play the right song, and you can get carried away by it all.

I learned that once you finally find the right use for that bottle of Lemon Hart, it suddenly empties really, really, fast….

I learned that rambutan fruit scares grown adults….

I learned that now even books have trailers!

I learned that the right illustration will get you traffic….

I learned that Hawaiian shirts are properly called Aloha shirts… and men wear them to business meetings in Hawaii.

I learned that with seven Tiki posts unfinished and unpublished from this year’s Tiki Month, I have a great head-start for Tiki Month 2011!

I learned that when you do a theme month, you build up a lot of material for when it’s over, even with Tiki Timeouts.
Speaking of Tiki Timeouts, I learned that James Buchanan hod to go buy his own booze while President.

Mostly, I learned that this Tiki blogging thing is still cool, and I’ll be looking forward to next year’s extravaganza. I hope I’ll see you here next year, but with the next post, we return to our regularly scheduled programming! Please stay tuned!

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