Chopped Mixology Competition in Columbus

Chopped Mixology Competition in Columbus

This is first and foremost for the local readers, but I hope it will be of interest to others as well.
Starting next Monday, June the 14th, sixteen of the most committed bartenders in Columbus will begin a month-long mixology competition at Mozaik in the Arena District. It will begin with four weekly preliminary competitions, and the four winners of those rounds will compete on July 12th for the grand championship. The Facebook page is here, and the Local Night Scene page is here.
This competition grew out of the earlier Columbus Iron Bartender event I wrote on before. The organizer is former Iron Bartender Brandon Bowsher. Brandon looks to have learned a lot from the earlier event, and he’s using that experience to make this competition much bigger and more comprehensive. Brandon has also shown some real drive and agility, keeping the whole thing on track after the initial home for the event succumbed to the hard economic times less than a fortnight before the scheduled start. That he kept all but one competitor through the rescheduling shows how eager the contestants are to compete.
Um, modesty compels me to refrain from mentioning the most obvious example of Brandon’s organizing taste and genius.

You mean the fact that you’ll be one of the judges, Doug?
Well, I’ll say it for you.

That’s what sockpuppets
are for, dear.

Anyway, I hope I see a bunch of you down there at Mozaik on Mondays for the next month or so! I’ll be covering the event here, with likely obsessive detail. Of course, I’ve also got a trip to New York City to throw in as well this month, so expect this to be bar review central in June and July!
Not all the contestants are from traditional cocktail-centric bars. There are some pubs and watering holes too. I’ll tuck the participating bars and restaurants below the fold. It is an impressive list.

Black Olive
Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant
J. Liu’s
Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus
Mynt Ultralounge
M at Miranova
Hyde Park Steakhouse
Haiku Poetic Food and Art
Smith & Wollensky
Mozaik Modern Lounge + Tapas
Scarlet & Grey Café
The Refectory
The Pub Polaris
Vonn Jazz & Blues Supperclub

I don’t know for sure the individual bartenders who are competing for each club to beat the chop, but I have a good idea for a number of these places. I really look forward to seeing what they have to show Columbus.


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