Lekue “Crushed” Ice Tray

Here’s a nifty little product to aid in easier Tiki enjoyment: Lekue’s C’Rush ice tray. A lot of these new modern silicone ice trays, including most of Lekue’s, are cute but hardly functional. However this item looks different to me in that it fills a real need.

Tiki drinks, and other cocktails of the swizzle variety, need lots of crushed ice. For the home mixer, this is an inconvenient thing to produce on demand. I use my BlendTec blender for crushed ice usually. But it’s honestly an over-powerful solution for the task, and I always end up with a lot of snow mixed in with my hailstones. The classic solution if the Lewis Bag and a wooden mallet, which can be fun from what I see. I’ve avoided this because I don’t like banging on the counters and making my glassware and bottles clink and clang. And if you happen to have a colicky baby (I still have flashbacks), getting out this bag is likely to make your wife take away the mallet and use it on you!

The C’Rush is a very shallow ice tray with many, many narrow slots. When you remove it from the freezer, you roll it up and squeeze, and all those slender ribbons of ice shatter. When you dump it, you end up with loads of nicely crumbled chunks of ice. These trays are nicely functional in a few other ways as well. Since they are so shallow, the ice freezes very quickly. (The company claims about one hour). Also, the thin form lets you stack a lot of them in very little shelf space. Here’s a nice, watchably short video that shows how the C’Rush works:

Ordinarily, I’d have grabbed a couple of these to test myself before posting on them, but the C’Rush is still not distributed in the United States. A company called Langton Info Services in England will ship them to the States, but they cost $25.50 for two, and take about two weeks to get here. Tiki Month’ll be over by them, and I won’t need them again until Derby Day in all likelihood. If any of my European readers (I know there are a bunch of you, I check Sitemeter) have tried out this ice tray, I’d love to hear how it works so I can decide to pop for one now or wait for stateside distribution.

(Via Craziest Gadgets)

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