Engineering a Better Glass For Your Wine

Engineering a better glass for your wine. Nothing really new here for those who care, but I wanted an excuse to post that picture….

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I am 48 years old, married with two young daughters. My interests are tennis, reading, computers, politics, and of course cocktails. I run a murder mystery party business that caters to both corporate and private events, Killing Time, murder consultants.


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  • Have to say, I’m not impressed with that article. Is there any actual evidence that most of what they claim is true, or is it a ad-in-disguise for Reidel? They make passing references to different tastes on different parts of the tongue (tongue taste maps are myth…) and make all types of claims about why different wine varietals need different shapes. The alcohol world is full of myths and wive’s tales – shouldn’t some critical thought be put into them? Perhaps there are a few good reasons for certain glasses, but I’m quite sure a number of the things that article claims are hogwash.

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