Announcing the Great Cross Country Bar Crawl 2011-...

Announcing the Great Cross Country Bar Crawl 2011-Updated

Well, in a few days the PeguWife and I are off. The munchkins will be ensconced at camp, the house-sitter will be ensconced here, and we will have several weeks to travel, have fun, and try to explore as many of America’s best bars, in some of its best bar cities, as we can!

We start with a jaunt to Kentucky to visit the Makers Mark and Four Roses distilleries. There are more great stops on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, but these two produce several products that have permanent shelf space in my home bar, and each has a fun story for me to tell you.

After that, we begin the bar hop proper. We go from Washington, DC, to Boston, to San Francisco (and Sonoma), and finally Portland, OR. These are four serious cocktail locales, folks. They also have the added benefit of being home to some of my best blogging buds as well. Getting to meet a dozen or so of the best cocktail writers on the internet is a major motivation for this entire enterprise.

I have bars picked out already to visit in each of these cities, chosen through my reading and also through the good advice of my local contacts. But I’m always looking for more options and advice. So if you have a favorite craft cocktail bar in these cities, or better, if you have your own craft bar thereabouts that you’d like me to visit, let me know….

I’ll keep everybody posted on my progress, and try to blog as much as I can as we go along.

UPDATE: Here are the Cities and Posts I’ve written up so far:

  1. Stephanie

    1 June

    If you find yourself making a pit stop in Connecticut on your way through to Boston, please let me know! 🙂

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  2. Doug

    1 June


    Come down to the Amtrak tracks when the Acela is coming through in the early afternoon. I’ll be looking for the adoring crowds.
    I might wave….

    Sorry I’ll miss you again!

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  3. Paul in Portland

    3 June

    Regularly read your blog…hope to get the chance to say “hi” in person when you hit Portland. (I can shake up a mean Manhattan… :-O)

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