Happy Halloween!

You’re being too scary, Doug!

What? I haven’t even started writing yet.

You are about to do the scariest of all blog posts, aren’t you? A repost?

Um, yeah. I am. Sorry.
This has been a lame two months around here, but Real Life has needed no costume to be scary.
Why is a repost so scary for you?

In case you hadn’t noticed, I don’t get out much, except when you write here. Reposts are just another chance for me to not get out of the drawer.

It’s dark in there….

Hey, you’ve got your own Twitter account and everything these days! You can always mock me there. Or go mock SeanMike….

Anyway everyone, Happy Halloween! I hope you have a drunken good time after all the urchins have been bought off. Since I have had no chance to create anything new for this year’s festivities, I’ll simply offer excerpts from two earlier Halloween missives that tickle my fancy.

The first is the greatest cocktail-themed Halloween Costume ever: Morgan Hendry’s Tiki Bar Tiki.

Secondly, I’ll embed here a video that I actually made, showing the results of the Liquor Fairy-inspired Halloween cocktail, The Skeletal Mule.

Be sure to save some Three Musketeers for me when I ring your doorbell!


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