Elsewhere For Tiki Month: Spirited Remix Grogalize...

Elsewhere For Tiki Month: Spirited Remix Grogalizes

It isn’t Tiki Month just at the Pegu Blog, you know. I expect we’ll see an increase in Tiki activity throughout February… the gods demand it.

Either that, or they want virgins!

Yeah, so get posting if you don’t want to explain to your wife why your daughter is emailing from Tomba Pago….
(At the very least, be sure you set a reminder for one Tiki post on Mixology Monday, the 20th.)

First up in joining the festivities is DJ Hawaiian Shirt. That’s his blog header above, where he is pictured about to spill his Mai Tai all over that expensive mixing board. The Shirt posts on an essential online Tiki resource, the Grogalizer, so I don’t have to.

I’ve found the Grogalizer handy in the past for when I want to release the Tiki and it isn’t February. When the Pegu Lounge is not fully stocked with the exotics, the Grogalizer helps me figure what drinks I am still able to make.

So head on over to Spirited Remix and let the Shirt explain exactly what the Grogalizer is and how to use it.


  1. Jordan

    4 February

    I really hope that the Tiki+ app gets expanded out to include all of the Bum’s recipes. It’s a great compliment to the Grogalizer because you can search for more than one ingredient at a time.

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