Elsewhere For Tiki Month: Basic Civilization Goes Down the Mai Tai Hole

Among the Twitter types I interact with a lot is Joe Garcia, @JMGIII. We appear to have the same tastes in politics, bloggers, cars, and cocktails, and which of those roads led us to follow each other, I have no idea. Joe’s blog, Basic Civilization, is an amalgam of food blogging, drink (and Tiki) blogging, and even fashion blogging. And any blog with post titles like Rum, Bloggery, and the Lash is worth reading.

Joe has tottered onto the Tiki Month train, though he wonders where I got the authority to declare February Tiki Month. Well Joe, I am allegedly one of the 20 most influential booze bloggers on the internet, so if I say it’s Tiki Month, it’s Tiki Month! And here you are.

Joe’s post starts off about his Number One Son’s commitment to (his dad) throwing awesome parties for #1s’s birthday each year. He then goes on to explain how he is apparently building an entire Trader Vic’s or something to accommodate said massively spoilt offspring’s party. Finally, because he has the brains to invite parents to these parties….

See, here is where he makes his mistake. Every drink blogger has this moment in his life. It is the moment where he decided he is going to make Mai Tais. Joe doesn’t seem to realize how much the making of the best Mai Tai on Earth™ will consume the next year (including at least 5 posts) of his life. Look what happened to RumDood when he made an offhand comment one day in the Mixoloseum chat room about how Mai Tais were a lost art these days. I made Mai Tais and decided to do Tiki Month… that was three years ago. Look at this event now. All because I decided to make a Mai Tai properly. There are videos of my obsession.

I’d warn Joe to not go there, but it is too late for him. But for any young booze bloggers out there, don’t make Mai Tais! The life you save (socially speaking) may be your own!

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I am 48 years old, married with two young daughters. My interests are tennis, reading, computers, politics, and of course cocktails. I run a murder mystery party business that caters to both corporate and private events, Killing Time, murder consultants.


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