Reminder: Mixology Monday is February 20th

Hear that? It’s drums, in the distance…. And there is a deeper rumbling in the direction of the mountain. The Earth itself trembles. A red glow lights the night sky. The Tiki Gods stir, and the natives feel restless.

Are they angry?
The volcano gods, I mean, not the natives.

Oh, I’m not sure that they are angry, at least not yet. Perhaps they just have demands. Yes, that’s it, demands.

So if those demands aren’t satisfied,
then they will be angry?

And don’t make us angry…

You wouldn’t like us when we are angry.

Um, Doug? Do something!

Oh, I wouldn’t worry. They seem like OK guys to me.

That’s easy for you to say!
You’re not the one stuck here inside your head this blog with “Volcano Hulk”!

Oh, Tiki Gods! What makes you restless? What do you want?


Why is it always virgins with you?

We like virgins.

Um, I’ll see what we have….

Don’t Look at me!

Yeah. She won’t do.
I took care of that long ago!{Smirk}

Oh, that’s funny.

Now wait a minute!

Hey! This little reminder post is going off the rails. Back to the sock drawer and work this out, you two.
And you Tiki Gods, we are fresh out of virgins around here. What else can we do for you?

Your sacrifices to us all this month have served only to whet our appetites. If you won’t give us virgins, then you must give us many more drinks… and maybe some snacks… or fine rainment… and perhaps some sacramental vessels!
Just celebrate Tiki, dammit, all across the land. Or we will cover it with lava!

It’s Mixology Monday: Tiki, tomorrow, February 20th, folks! Don’t forget to notify me as a reply to this post, or to the original announcement post, or in an email where to find what you’ve written on or before Monday. I’ll have the roundup up Tuesday, Tiki Gods willing.
Write about what you want to appease the Tiki Gods: Drinks (of course it’s mostly about the drinks), Mugs, Shirts, Decor, and Food.
See you tomorrow!

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I am 48 years old, married with two young daughters. My interests are tennis, reading, computers, politics, and of course cocktails. I run a murder mystery party business that caters to both corporate and private events, Killing Time, murder consultants.


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