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Here’s a bar blog that you might be interested in: Tales from a Bar. The author calls himself “Caveman”, and it is likely a good thing that he blogs anonymously, since he pulls few punches about his own workplaces. Tales from a Bar is less that a year old, but Caveman already has made over 60 posts. Further, he posts regularly, so he shows every sign of sticking around. I read him a bit a while back when he was starting out, then lost track. Fortunately, he followed Rule 1 and sent me a blogroll request, which reminded me that he is out there.

Caveman is worth reading because he writes well, leads an “interesting” life, and likes to share it. Most of his posts are tales from a recent night’s work, with lessons to be learned for other bartenders and customers alike. He is a career bartender and a few of his posts discuss issues of how the industry has changed during his career, and how it will change more in the future. He also isn’t above link posts to his favorite humorous video, or keeping interesting and entertaining quotes and trivia in his sidebar. You can get a good idea of his writing style from a recent post Top Ten Most Annoying Cocktail Waitresses, or the entertaining Top Ten Ways To Piss Off Your Bartender. He’s also not above some salty language, so keep that in mind.

One final thing I’ll note about Tales From a Bar is that his posts are pretty consistent in length. They are all long enough to give you something to think about, but short enough so you don’t need to scroll to finish them. This is a lesson I ought to learn one day when I grow up….

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I am 48 years old, married with two young daughters. My interests are tennis, reading, computers, politics, and of course cocktails. I run a murder mystery party business that caters to both corporate and private events, Killing Time, murder consultants.


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