Clint Eastwood Guest-Vlogs Here

So, Clint Eastwood showed up at the Republican National Convention last night to endorse Mitt Romney… and The Pegu Blog ensued.

It was wild, strange, and if the surprise that Clint Eastwood had been blown ahead of time, the surprise of live improv breaking out at the most tightly-scripted event of the year was sprung pretty much unspoilt. All jaws were slack. All the proper people were offended. It was kind of jerky of Clint to record it on live TV, though, since a guest video blog post really ought to have appeared here first….

What in all the Four Holy Gospels of Cocktail are you going on about “the Pegu Blog ensuing”?

I’m talking about you, Guy.

You are talking about me?
Wait a minute…

I get it!
You really do mean me!

Exactly. Since a nice guy like Clint wouldn’t just up and steal my schtick, I assume he meant to do it as a guest vlog here, and used all the professional cameras and stuff at the RNC to produce it. So I went ahead and posted it here for him.

Oh, so you feel ripped off?
Well, go @%^#$&*&%.

Now, now. I can’t do that any more than Clint can.

Listen, if you are goin’ to get all butt-hurt,
go ahead. Let the tears fall in your beer.

I’m not really that upset, of course. I’ll consider those twelve minutes my contribution to the cause. Even if my special brand of sock-puppetry has already started to become a “thing” on the web. It won’t change the vote of a single already-decided voter. “Serious” minded folks on either side may get their knickers in a twist over it, but such “serious” minded individuals all made up their minds whether, and for whom, to vote long before.

Those left undecided at this point have a more light-hearted or open-minded (or generally inattentive) approach to life, and they will watch this and laugh. They may laugh at the crazy old man holding court in the village barbershop, they may laugh at the quiet barbs, or they may laugh at the fact that Clint put one over on the blue-noses at the RNC and managed to make the 20-30 million people watching hear, “Go f- yourself,” twice, during a Republican broadcast…. But they’ll laugh. And they’ll remember.

So without further ado, unless Guy has something else to add, I’ll just present Clint’s inaugural (we hope) Pegu Blog vlog entry:

I’ve got to go have my pacemaker checked, it’s been so exciting talking to you.


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