The Prohibition Kit

OK, boozehounds. Let’s do a science experiment.

Why would the following four beautiful copper home accessories have in common and of interest to us? (Besides being pretty spiffy looking.)

This would keep limes well….
Well, you need to keep whatever garnish plants you have watered….
Everybody needs a fondue pot!
I recommend a nice, sherry-based libation to go with!
Look… um…
If you don’t eat, all that booze can’t be good for you.

So, four pieces of (carefully, specifically) unrelated copperware, why should you buy them together?

Well, let’s say you filled your fruit bowl with grapes. But you accidentally bought wine grapes, which will make you sick if you eat very many. Being waste-averse, you mash the grapes and make wine. Then you take the fruit bowl and discover that is just exactly the size to fit into the pasta pot! In fact, the bottom of the tube which makes the bowl plugs right into the useless little spigot in the bottom of the bowl. And when you put on the pot’s lid, the hole in the lid goes right over the other end of the bowl’s pipe!
And if you also flipped the watering can, it would fit right onto the top of the fondue pot’s burner. And hey, that leaves the spout at just the right level to fit the other side of the pot lid’s hole from the coil….

You can see where this is going, but don’t tell the Feds. They’d be pretty majorly unhappy if you were to then put ice in the pot, your wine into the watering can, and light the fondue burner.

Of course, the NSA has already noted that you have read this, so some guy is whipping off his dark glasses and calling his contact at the ATF as I speak.

Sorry to get you in trouble like this.

You look like you could use a drink. Perhaps some brandy?

I refuse to be any part of this!

Listen, I still think these separate, very separate, components are lovely and functional. But if you pinkie swear you won’t put them together like this…
Alambic 002
…I think we will both stay out of jail.

{Found via MAKE:, designed by Francesco Morackini.
Don’t click the third thing on his left sidebar!}


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