This Year’s Christmas Gift for the Bar Nerd ...

This Year’s Christmas Gift for the Bar Nerd in Your Life

It is Cyber Monday at Amazon and a zillion other websites. I was perusing to see what is out there for my wife, kids, and myself (As usual, I have been informed that I am hard to shop for), when I noticed a sale at Amazon on an item that most bar nerds like me think they have… but don’t.
Fresh Force Citrus Juicer

You’re wrong. I don’t think I have a citrus juicer. I know I have a citrus juicer. Three of ’em, in fact!

Yeah, but if none of them are these Chef’n FreshForce Juicers, then you need one. At first glance, these juicers look just like the much more common Amco or OXO types you see almost everywhere. The FreshForce even comes in green, yellow, and orange, corresponding in size to your citrus of desire. You even use it exactly the same way you use those other squeeze juicers.

The difference is in the engineering of the hinge. Look at the photo above. You can see a larger view on the Amazon page. Unlike the older models, it isn’t a hinge at all. It’s a gear-driven, multi-lever apparatus that gives you a helluva lot more leverage, and more leverage means more juice extracted from each piece of fruit. More leverage also means that for those of us who are Old™ (I’m not really that old, but when I play a lot of tennis, my hands feel like I am), it is much easier to operate.

Regardless of your digital strength and flexibility, during that time of the year when all the limes are hard and have that thick skin (you know when I’m talking about), using one of these improved juicers makes it much less like a bare-handed struggle to the death with an Amazon boa constrictor to get enough lime juice for your Pegu.

As I write this, though perhaps not when you read it, the yellow “lemon-sized” FreshForce is a Cyber Monday deal at Amazon for nineteen bucks. The orange-sized is a whopping thirty-eight. The lime is twenty, which is more than the lemon. You do not need the lime juicer, as the lemon does a great job on limes anyway.

One other Amazon deal I happened upon while checking out these juicers is a set of two of the Tovolo spherical ice molds. At less than eight bucks right now, they are pretty worth while. They don’t make clear ice, but no work, no brainer big ice makes Old-Fashioneds easier to do right.

Of course, none of these products do me any good as far as my Christmas list goes, since I already have them. What kind of bar geek toy do I need that I don’t have? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

UPDATE: This bar product is also on sale for Cyber Monday. Do not buy it. Don’t even look at it.


  1. JFL

    2 December

    I never understood why they made the lime juicers when the lemon ones exist.

    I will say if you don’t have one a Milkshake stick blender with a nice motor is good for tiki. Febuary is coming fast you know. I found they use them at Trader Vic’s and most of the 5 second flash blended drinks in Sippin Safari seem to be actually made for these electric mixers. It’s fast and there’s no real reset time between drinks you just wipe down the immersion stick. That and a restaurant quality ice crusher are on my wishlist.

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  2. Jen

    2 December

    I’m actually in the market for a new squeezer and may check this one out. Thanks for the recommendation.

    And I’ll second the recommendation for an immersion blender. So useful, and for more than just cocktails!

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