Frankie’s Tiki Room Is In For Tiki Month

Frankie’s Tiki Room Is In For Tiki Month

Each year, more and more folks join in the understanding that if Man ever needs Tiki, its drinks, its ambiance, its vibe, he needs it in the dark, cold days of February. Warm tropical breezes, short-sleeved, festive shirts, and lots and lots of rum are just what the doctor ordered to fend off the gloom!

On the same day I got the two cool new mugs I want to talk about below in the mail, I got a tweet that the purveyors of said mugs, Frankie’s Tiki Room in Las Vegas is on the Tiki Month bandwagon! (Caveat: I am aware that since Frankie’s is a Tiki bar, this is not exactly an heroic leap ‘cross a chasm of faith for them. Still, every solider I can recruit is welcome in my battle to warm February with passionfruit and cinnamon!) I first became aware of Frankie’s about two years ago, which makes me sad, because the last time I got to go kill someone in Las Vegas was three years ago! So if you live in Las Vegas, or are having a small event there, and want a really great murder mystery party, do give me a call. I’ll even discount my travel expenses to make it a better deal for you, just so I can visit Frankie’s. (Further caveat: I always discount travel expenses to Las Vegas, because… craps tables.)

Anyway, part of my annual Tiki Month tradition is treating myself to a few new mugs. These two from Frankie’s will likely get the most use this year of the new ones, and will likely be among my top five overall.

Wild Watusi—from Frankie’s Tiki Room in Las Vegas


Bombora Blast Tiki Mug
Bombora Blast—from Frankie’s Tiki Room, Las Vegas

I like both these mugs for both aesthetic and practical reasons.

As a matter of personal taste, I like cleaner designs. The Watusi has a nice scary Tiki face, but you don’t lose the facial features among scores of notches all around them. The Bombora is a volcano, which I love anyway, and is a very clean design. I only question the decision to not have the little Tiki man on the front be depicted throwing a virgin up into the caldera. Gotta keep the gods happy, you know.

As a practical matter, These things are the right size. Too many really cool mugs consume well over twenty ounces, which is just too damned much because:

  1. Given the strength of many Tiki drinks, that is just not a good idea.
  2. I appreciate the variety in Tiki drinks, as do my guests, and having a twenty three ounce drink will fill you up with only one taste experience.
  3. There is no way you are getting through a drink that big without all the ice melting into a watery mess.

More mugs the size of large highballs, please!


  1. Tiare

    4 February

    Awwww….it´s tiki month again! i`m in such deep hibernation in this cold country that i sorta forgot….i guess i need to make an extra elaborate offering….who knows what revenge could hit me if i didn`t? and i don`t wanna find out..cheers!

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  2. Dagreb

    4 February

    It’s true some mugs are just far too large.

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