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Essential Tool Not On the Chopping Block!

Recently, I heard that OXO, the makers of many nifty kitchen gadgets, had discontinued their gadget most near and dear to the hearts of many cocktailians, the OXO 2oz. Angled Measuring Cup. I was miffed, as were a bunch of others. I asked everyone who read my piece to spread the word and to contact OXO, asking them to please not discontinue this essential product. Apparently, our efforts got their attention, because this comment appeared yesterday:
Stop the presses!!!! This is OXO. Seriously…OXO. I want to clarify that the Mini Measuring Cups are NOT discontinued! They are currently only available at retail (and I saw them on Amazon – just type in “OXO Mini Measuring Cups”), however we are working on a configuration to make both the stainless steel and plastic versions available on our website,, very (very) shortly. Stay tuned!
I immediately communicated with the commenter, Bena, who is a Senior Brand Communication Manager for OXO. Apparently, the problem was that OXO had discontinued selling the cups on their own website, rather than discontinued making them. Apparently, they had a minor internal miscommunication which resulted in inquiring minds being told that the cups were no longer being made. The issue is that heretofore, OXO has sold the cups only in packs of 24. This does seem a pretty large number to buy at once, I will admit. When you buy a single cup from Amazon, or at a retailer like Bed, Bath, & Beyond, for four bucks, the retailer has broken up one of these 24 packs for resale. Why they don't just sell them in smaller quantities (I'd suggest three packs), I don't know, but Bena assures me it isn't quite that simple. (Last sentence edited after clarification) Still, the status of discontinued on the OXO website will apparently be short-lived. Plastic mini measures will soon be available there again, with the stainless steel to follow at some point. Bena has not gotten me actual numbers on the calls and emails they've received, but she was sure it was a pretty good number. It got her attention at any rate! So I call this one a victory for the cocktailosphere (whether our squawking actually had anything to do with the decision or not). Regardless, we can all rest easy, our cocktail jiggers will not pass into that good night. Also, another OXO manager I corresponded with, Michelle, did reassure me that, while the cups were designed primarily for cooking, OXO has for quite some time realized how popular the product is with bartenders, professional and enthusiast. Oh, and I did not call a Tiki Timeout from the February festivities here for this post because I think the mini measures are especially valuable for Tiki drinks. More than any other kind of drink, Tiki drinks call for large numbers of ingredients in small quantities. You can make these drinks with jiggers and spoons, but the process gets even more laborious. And all the Hawaiian shirts and Tiki music in the world won't keep your mood happy if it takes you longer to make your drink than it does to drink it! So, to celebrate the resurrection of the Mini Measure, demonstrate it's Pegu Blog Certified Tiki Effectiveness™, and make a Rule 2 tie-in back to where I first heard of the whole kerfuffle (as well as throwing in a shoutout to two products brought by the Liquor Fairy), I present to you the following treat from Tiare, at a Mountain of Crushed Ice.
CATDADDY MOONSHINE ZOMBIE PUNCH Put everything into a blender, saving ice for last and blend at high speed for 5 sek. Pour into a chimney glass. Garnish 2 pineapple leaves and a lime slice.
Now, if I could only get them to make a metal, 2 cup, dry measuring cup, I'd be my wife's
Rule 2, Tiki Month 2010

Rule 2 Work: Jay Visits Montego Bay

Here's another chance for me to give Rule 2 a workout by pointing you toward someone else getting his Tiki on this February. Oh Gosh! Blog The Liquor Fairy visited Jay, writer of the essential Oh Gosh! (and possessor of the cocktailosphere's best URL), with a bottle of Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum. He writes:
Not exactly a pleasant sipper, it is nonetheless packed with incredible flavours that excite the tongue. Clearly such an intense rum isn’t really meant to be consumed on its own – this is a spirit made for mixing drinks.
This rum is designed to taste like rum did in the early portion of the Twentieth Century, so Jay chose (with advice from Camper) to feature it in a Don the Beachcomber Tiki drink, the Montego Bay. I'm going to try not to steal too many drink photos from this series of posts, so you'll need to go read Jay's post to see the gorgeous picture he has of his Montego Bay. His perfectly crushed ice and amazing garnish are 100% Tiki Month Certified. Sadly, Smith & Cross is not available in Ohio, and I have no out of state murders to attend to this month. But I still need to think hard on finding some rums with more antique flavor profiles to lend authenticity to Tiki Month. Actually, the Liquor Fairy hasn't brought me any new rum in... I'm not sure how long. I guess it is all going somewhere
Rule 2, Tiki Month 2010

Rule 2 Work: Who Else Has Their Tiki On

Whilst Tiki Month is on, I'm going to take opportunity to give Rule 2 a workout. This little series of posts will give a heads up on who else out there in the blogosphere (besides real Tikibloggers) who is getting the Tiki on during February. So if you are a cocktail blogger, or food blogger—heck, if you are a knit blogger, cat blogger, or political blogger....
Hey! How about if I'm a conspiracy blogger?
No link for you. Just a punch in the face.
Thanks Buzz. Where was I? Oh yeah. If you get your Tiki on sometime this month, even just for a single post, shoot me an email (at doug -at- cocktailcapers -dot- com) and I'll include you in the festivities! My first "Rule 2 Work" feature is from Chez Grub, a brand new blog which is just getting up and running, and I think deserves some blog love and some traffic. (Hint, that means I want you to be sure to follow the link) Grub features what he calls Paradise in a Glass, the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club cocktail. It is a well-written post, and anyone who makes their own falernum has a future blogging about food or drinks. And anyone who partners with this good a photographer has a leg up, I'm sure you'll agree.

Stolen from Chez Grub. High-res version and other shots to be seen there.
Don't forget to give him a visit, and I now return you to your regularly scheduled drums and flickering volcano