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SideBlog: 20 Two-Legged Nightmares of Every Bartender
SideBlog: Gif—No Words Needed
Tiki Ha Ha: The Pineapple
A Heartfelt Plea

SideBlog: 20 Two-Legged Nightmares of Every Bartender

Twenty two-legged nightmares every bartender hates. OK, my pro friends, who did the author miss?

Tiki Ha Ha: The Pineapple

I’d SideBlog this, but the picture deserves the full sized treatment! Brought to you by @GinMonkeyUK, who is among the least Tiki tweeps I have on Twitter.

A Heartfelt Plea

Ron Jeremy just doesn’t get any respect. This auteur is one of the most prolific actors and directors working in the cinema today. Not to mention the fact that his entire career is one huge blow after another to the pernicious “Lookism” so rampant in the Business. (And by The Business, I do mean The Industry!)

Yet, despite these impeccable credentials as film master and social justice icon, and the fact that the evidence of his Jewish upbringing is both enormous and well-documented, the Canadian Powers That Be relentlessly refuse to allow his films to be shown at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival! The video above is Ron’s heartfelt and subtle appeal for this ban to end, expressed in a short film, as befitting this heir to Orson Wells.

Oh, and I continue to believe that Ron’s ron, er, rum is under-appreciated as well. I’m actually serious here. Ron de Jeremy is not at all an all-purpose rum, but it honestly, no shit, makes a wonderful Rum Old Fashioned. And it has one of the more brilliant ad campaigns out there. I can’t recommend visiting the website and exploring its offerings enough… especially once you are two or more drinks in.

(H/T: Sploid)

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