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It Be Once Again International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Avast! It Be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Mateys!
Arrr! It be Internatioanl Talk Like a Pirate Day Again, Mateys!
Yarrr, Matey!
International Talk Like a Pirate Day: I Be Interviewin’ Cap’n Slappy ‘n Ol’ Chumbucket Themselves. Arrrr!
Trader Vic’s Grog

It Be Once Again International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Cocktail Pirate Flag Animated

Pegu Pirate Flag created with ABFlags

Yarrr, Mateys! September 19th be here again, which means it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day™! And I’ll be keelhauled fore I be missin’ out on the festivities. A blogger’s pirate’s career be, almost by definition, a spotty one, wi’ periods of inactivity due to laziness excessive interest by the British Navy (ptooie!), but I have yet to be missing an ITLAPD, and I’ll be hornswoggled if this year be any different!

Let’s be swingin’ into our reel with this fantastical video from Distort. These two swabbies’ pirate schtick be a mite lubberly, but it shows promise. Per’aps I should have the crew give ‘em the cosh and “invite” them to join our merry band…. What isn’t lubberly is the fantastic tiny cannon they’ve constructed, nor the slo-motion footage they have of it trying to sink a pirate vessel. They could use a bit of help with the editing o’ their introduction. Aside from the pirate material, it is a bit long, but don’t let that barnacle bottom heave ye off from watching the whole thing. It be worth it!

If that only whets yer appetite fer all things cannon this happy day, I’ll gift ye two more links. The first be a down in the hold look at how to be makin’ such a fine beauty of a brass cannon, though this one be a mite bigger, and with no pirate prattling at all, more’s the pity. The second be the construction of a wee bit more Hollywood pirate-looking cannon, that alas doesn’t actually fire. The maker does be meritin’ big points fer his pirate robot though, arrr!
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Avast! It Be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Mateys!

Avast, mateys!

Shiver me timbers. It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day again already! And the 10th such sea battle to boot, arrrr! Yer mighty Cap’n, Black Dougal o’ the good ship Pegu’s Pride has just a mite o’ piratical plunder on board here for ye this happy day. And beware if ye follow me Twitter feed, fer today all me usual political bluster, grog swilling, and noodity will be in our lovely pirate speak!

Belay that last! What manner of lubbery is this? There be no noodity in yer timeline… Or arrrrre ye holdin’ out on me?

Heh. A pirate can lie a wee bit to spice up interest, can’t he? Now quit harshing me pitch.
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Arrr! It be Internatioanl Talk Like a Pirate Day Again, Mateys!

Ahoy there, me hearties! Since today is by way o’ bein’ September the 19th, the language around this here blog today is wee bit saltier than be usually the case. As in the salt o’ the High Seas… and Adventure!


September the 19th be International Drink Talk Like a Pirate Day, so be sure to be modifyin’ yer language to sound like a scurvy dog in search of plunder til the Sun be well past the yardarm. It’ll delight yer fellow swabbies who be in the know, and confuse the lubbers… that always makes ‘em easier to plunder, ye know.
If ye be wanting some tips on piratical speech, I be havin’ a prior post on the subject, wi’ videos and some discussion ‘o getting your cocktail on, pirate talk style. And more to the point, I have many posts on how to mix yer refreshments for when ye sun sets in the west. May the sky be red fer ye! X marks the spot fer those treasures here, here, here, and sorta here. Finally, while I be tootin’ me own hornpipe o’ past piratical punditification, here be me own interview wi’ the masters o’ ITLAPD themselves, Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket.

So, what manner o’ new material have I fer this year’s a lootin’ and a pillagin’? Arrr, first off with the non-drinnkin’ booty, I just want to be observin’ that since the inception o’ this wee little celebration o’ almost everything real piratin’ was not, the world has seen a resurgence o’ real piracy upon the high seas. And while ye’ haven’t been by way o’ hearin’ about them as much lately, they’ve been expanding their range and even attacking naval vessels! Me own instincts be tellin’ me that any solution that doesn’t involve taskin’ yardarms and keels will be by way o’ ineffective…. But whatever we do, it be high time to rid the wolrd o’ pirates who look like this:

…so that we can be gettin’ back to pirates who be lookin’ more like this:

Or (perhaps) better, this:

And young Miss Swann is by way o’ sailing us (tangentially) into the harbor o’ my cocktail related material fer this year’s festivitatin’.

Ye see, me hearties, the word is out that Hollywood be plottin’ a remake o’ The Thin Man, with perhaps a bit more material from the original Dashiell Hammett book. This ol’ pirate has his doubts about how well they’ll manage things, as do many others.

Avast! What manner of trickery be this, ye scurvy knave!
What possible connection to high-functioning alcoholics in the 1930’s be piratin’ havin’?

I’m glad ye’ asked, me hearty. (Nice hat, by the way.) Because all the word on the street be that they intend The Thin Man to star this well-known pirate laddie:

The elf?

NARRRR, ye bilge rat! Johnny Depp. People always said he played Jack Sparrow like Errol Flynn, but I kind saw Nick Charles in him from the beginning. One simply never knows whether or how drunk he is. And Depp be roguishly charming, that be sure. As an actor, I think he be a great pick fer the part. I just don’t know how he’ll look. Have any of you been seein’ yon swashbuckler ever cleaned up like this?

Yarrr, Matey!

Avast, me hearties!
Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the official Most Awesome Internet Meme Evar™.
Ye can see me main ITLAPD-themed post here, in which ye can read o’ me interview with founding pirates, Cap’n Slappy ‘n Ol’ Chumbucket them ownselves.

And, because it be the thing ter do on ITLAPD, here be the latest video missive from the crew:

It be needin’ a soarin’ score and complimentary barf bags at one point, but a worthy entry, nonetheless! Arrrr.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day: I Be Interviewin’ Cap’n Slappy ‘n Ol’ Chumbucket Themselves. Arrrr!

Sunday, September 19th, 2010 is International Drink Talk Like a Pirate Day….

Avast, ye bilge rat!
EVERY September 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Silence, ye scurvy knave, or ye’ll get a taste o’ me hook!

As I be sayin’, Sunday be ITLAPD. (It be harrrrrd to type with a hook and only one eye, so I be using the acronym from now on, aye?) But since September’s Mixology Monday (hosted aboard ship here) be comin’ right after, I be gettin’ a jump on the festivities, the better to ready ye and yer crew for the best parrrt o’ bein’ a pirate… the drinkin’!

{UPDATE: Ahoy, me hearties! A hearty pirate welcome be to ye seafarers who’ve washed up here from the Pirate Guys’ FaceBook Page! If ye be interested in more about Pirate drinking, here be a link to a page wi’ all ourrrr posts on pirate potables! Arrrrr.}

I stumbled down t’ the docks, and into the Bloody Bilge, as run-down ‘n dangerous a tavern as ye be likely to find. Ye’ll never be findin’ a more wretched hive o’ scum and vil…. er, anyway. I be findin’ there Ol’ Cumbucket hisself, and in two steps o’ a peg-legged jig, the good Cap’n Slappy be joinin’ us.
I fergot meself fer a moment and demanded the wench bring me a Pegu. She spat in me eye ‘n I smartly changed me order to a hearty Bumbo.
I heeled o’er to me interviewees and began me quest fer what be givin’ today’s greatest living pirates the sway in their steps.

Avast, me hearties! All good seafarin’ folk know, it be no mere sea chanty that all good crew and cap’n alike be liking a wee spot o’ drink at appropriate times… like day and night, fer starters. What manner of pirate’s courage be yer particular poisons?

Ahoy Dangerous Doug!
I can’t speak for Slappy (I tried it once and he gave me a savage beatin’ with his fists and forehead) so I’ll let him ennumber … enumm .. list the many libations he enjoys from time to time, and give ye mine.

It’s hard to beat a good ale. Yes, beer is the proof of the goodness of god and that he wants us to be happy. Me own personal favorite brew (and the official beer of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, at least until someone pays us to endorse *their* beer) is Rogue’s “Dead Guy Ale.” Delicious – and so good for you!

Arrr! I had a bottle of this brew just last night ’round the Poker table…. Arrrrgh. (That “arrrgh” be fer the poker, not the ale.)

The Fort Christian Brew Pub here on St. Croix makes a fine dark beer as well, with a great name – Blackbeard’s Ale.
And Arrogant Bastard Ale is a dandy drink, don’t ya know.

I, too, am more o’ a beer man. In fact, when purchasin’ me land lodgings I settled into a wee cottage just around the corner from a local brewhouse pub. “Calapooia Brewing Company” they call it and they make some splendid beers. In fact, the brewing warehouse wall sits at the back o’ me back yard and we’re still in negotiations for a direct line for me to tap into whenever the spirit moves (and as “spirits” go – mine is constantly movin’)

Arrrr! S’truth, why be building yer own Basement Bar (e’en a pirate basement bar!) when ye be havin’ a backyarrrrd bar already?

But tell me, me hearties, the pirate’s signature firewater be rum, what rums drink ye, and how do ye drink it?

Occasionally, I enjoy a nice rum drink. For a nice, neat rum – I go for “Pyrat Rum” – it’s a shame to mix it with anything – but occasionally I do – with Coca-Cola or, when I’m feelin’ me vitamin C deficiency, with some orange juice. Of course, I go heavy on the rum – light on the OJ. (As the evening wears on, sometimes I just wave the Orange Juice over the top o’ me full glass o’ rum and call it good.)

When I’m in need of a Vitamin C fix, I’ll drink me rum whilst looking at a picture of Ponce de Leon, who discovered Florida, where they grow so many of those oranges.

Havn’t had a cold in … well … days.

And what rum be goin’ wit’ yer oranges?

I usually drink Cruzan Rum’s Single Barrel – neat. I’m not a huge fan of dilutin’ me drinks with soda and water and fruit juices. I happen to live on the island where Cruzan is made (Cruzan means ‘from St. Croix.’ Although the people here are called Crucians. I still haven’t figured out why the difference.) So Cruzan s a might cheaper here than you’ll find it in the states.

Ol’ Chumbucket, matey. Yer voice be a bit, er, lubbery this fine marnin’. Um, not real, um, piratey….



I’m also not above experimenting (or bein’ experimented on) by new and dangerous concoctions o’ libational delights. But if’n it just be me – it’s probably just beer (good beer, mind ye – but beer nonetheless.)

Any other ways ye be likin’ to be wetting yer whistle, Ol’ Chumbucket?

I’ve also spent much of my life enjoying that marvelous concoction from the wonderfully creative people of Lynchburg, Tenn., where they know a thing or two about sippin’ whiskey.

Well, I’m sure ye fine mateys must be shovin’ off. I thank ye fer yer kind time and attention. Have ye any final words fer the pirates out there to be heedin’?

Aye! Remember kids! f you’re below the legal drinking age where ever you happen to be, don’t let me catch you partakin’ of the demon spirits! It’s bad for ye. Bad I say, and if you’re one of the nippers you should just stay away from the rum barrel. Do we have an accord? Good!

Ye be havin’ a rollickin’ good time on International Talk Like’n a Pirate Day, me hearties!

Trader Vic’s Grog

I’ve written about Grog before, outlining Don the Beachcomber’s contribution to the genre during the last International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th. Mark your calendars!). What I alluded to back then, I’ll say flat out now: Grogs and Bumbos were the first Tiki drinks. Maybe that is why so many of us refer to the Tiki Elders, especially Don and Vic, as pirates.
At any rate, here is Trader Vic’s version of Grog. I used a single rum here, rather than following Tiki tradition and blending several, because it was late, I was tired after chopping fresh sugar cane swizzle sticks, and I wanted to give this new bottle of Appleton Estate 12 I bought a workout.


  • 2 parts Appleton Estate 12 year old rum
  • 1 part fresh lemon juice
  • 1 part passion fruit syrup
  • 1 part fresh (unsweetened) pineapple juice
  • 1 dash Angostura Bitters

Combine ingredients in a shaker with plenty of crushed or small ice. Shake to combine and pour, ice and all, into a battered mug or favored Tiki drinking vessel. Garnish with a fresh stick of sugar cane and a sprig of gently rubbed mint.

Recipe found in Trader Vic’s Tiki Party!

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