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Phantom Clear Ice System Large Cube Ice

Ah, crystal clear ice cubes, big enough to not fit in a lot of glasses. What more could a cocktail geek ask for? This last post in this series on my new Phantom clear Ice System, the fruition of Wintersmiths latest Kickstarter includes my quick and dirty video, opening the large cube mold and showing off the cool (har) ice that it creates. Right now, the Phantom is not available through Amazon. Wintersmiths is still filling the Kickstarter pre-orders. I think you can still order through their website. I will update this post (hopefully) when this changes. Other posts in this series: Unboxing the PhantomLarge Sphere Tray Loading and Openingabc

Wintersmiths Phantom Clear Ice System Spheres Demo

In the prior post, I introduced the Phantom Clear Ice System from Wintersmiths, and did a little unboxing video. In this post, I am embedding the first demo I did, showing how to load the system up, and then extract the ice from it once it has completely frozen. It is a little long, but needs to be to show the whole process. Right now, the Phantom is not available through Amazon. Wintersmiths is still filling the Kickstarter pre-orders. I think you can still order through their website. I will update this post (hopefully) when this changes. Other posts in this series: Unboxing the PhantomLarge Cube Demoabc

Unboxing and Review: Wintersmiths Phantom Ice Maker

Last Christmas, the PeguWife gave me, as my feature present, a Kickstarter backer's pre-order of the Wintersmith Phantom clear ice maker. I tried not to get too excited when I opened the envelope because, in my experience, Kickstarter projects are often delayed. Actually, in my personal experience, Kickstarter projects are always delayed.... My box finally arrived last week. This is not to say I wasn't excited at all, in fact I was on pins and needles once the backer shipments began. You see, as a cocktail enthusiast, one of my primary symptoms is an addiction to big, clear ice. I lurk on Camper English's blog, waiting for the next set of ice porn. I once took home a fresh, unused, two-inch cube of clear ice from a bar in a to-go box.
This is true, except that it was his wife who asked for the cube.
In fact, so excited was I to finally receive my Phantom that I decided to do something no has ever thought of before, do an unboxing video of opening my new obsession. I decided to include demos of some of the ice made with the Phantom, so this may be the first unboxing video ever shot over the course of four days. In hopes of getting you to watch it all, I've broken it down into three posts and four videos. The Phantom is Wintersmiths' newest and largest clear ice rig. It can make six huge cubes or seven luscious spheres of crystal clear ice (along with other shapes). It consists of a large vacuum insulated stainless steel barrel and several different available molds, and uses top-down directional freezing to produce a final product of nearly astounding quality. It is far and away the best final product of any ice rig I have purchased or made myself. So, take a look at the unboxing portion of my weekend here. Videos of my first batch of ice (spheres) and second (large cubes) will follow in the subsequent posts. < You can learn more about the Phantom at Wintersmiths' website. The box I received will retail for $245 when it begins shipping for new orders. If you have the freezer space, its worth every penny. Other posts in this series: Large Sphere Tray Loading and OpeningLarge Cube Demoabc
Tiki Month 2018
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Original Tiki Drink: The Red Tide

I'm actually fairly proud of this one. My little Red Tide has evolved a lot since I first started nurturing it, and I am happy with the result. I started out with the not-terribly-original idea of crafting a Tiki version of the Negroni. The web is full of attempted Tiki variants of the Negroni, but none quite pull off the trick in the way I was looking for. I wanted to retain the Negroni's simple construction and bitter character. However, a drink as fully herbal and bitter as a Negroni would be too much on a Tiki menu along side drinks with the sweet, unctuous, spicy profile from the 30s and 40s that I like so much. Finally, I needed a garnish that wowed. After much experimentation, I replaced the gin with silver rum, the vermouth with pomegranate juice, and (critically) the Campari with a wine-based apertivo called Cappelletti. The Cappelletti is gentler, lower in alcohol, and oddly nuttier than Campari. The result is nicely balanced, still bitter, but less autocratic than Count Negroni's creation. The passion fruit foam garnish is essential to the drink. It isn't Tiki without it, and frankly, it is not completely delicious. I highly recommend you give this guy a try. Not only is it delicious, pretty, and a welcome low-alcohol addition to a Tiki menu, it's a real crowd-pleaser to make and present.
  • 1 oz Plantation 3-Star rum
  • 1 oz Cappelletti Apertivo
  • 1 oz POM Wonderful
Combine in a shaker with large ice and shake lightly. Fill a coupe about two-thirds full with the Sea Foam (see below). Strain cocktail over one side of the foam.
  • 6 oz passion fruit syrup
  • 2 oz lime juice
  • 2 oz water
  • 5 oz pasteurized egg whites
Combine ingredients in a cream whipper, and shake for about 5 seconds. Charge with a nitrogen charger. Shake some more. Charge again with a second capsule. Shake again. Refrigerate before use. Shake again when serving.
Here's a look at how to serve the Red Tide. abc
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