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Tiki Month 2012

Aloha, Tiki Month….

Well folks, the long, tropical, volcano-lit dusk of Tiki Month is at last over. The sun peeks up over the eastern horizon, and the spirits of the Tiki Gods flee their hand-carved wooden totems. Reality intrudes.... I think this has been my best Tiki Month to date. Although the Tiki Month 2012 page link will disappear sometime tomorrow from the header, it will still be available, and you can look back over everything I wrote this time through there. But I thought I'd do a little roundup of everything I posted, so you can see what you might have missed and want to look for. I did eleven drink posts, from the sublime to the ridiculous. I had a great time talking with Ed Hamilton, the hero of American Tiki fans who brought us back Lemon Hart 151. I really started to get into the whole Tiki mug thing this year, alas for my wallet. I also managed to gin up some almost controversy over Beachbum Berry's comment about Tiki and "guilt-free sex". I had a full-on, dress-up Tiki party in my temporarily Tiki Basement Bar. My kids loved the makeover at first, but they now want it restored to normal conditions. They like to hang out down there and it is hard to read by "volcano light". I spent a good bit of time navel gazing here at the end on why I did the first Tiki Month, and more importantly, why I keep doing it. And of course, the blog highlight of the month was Mixology Monday LXIV: Tiki! Thanks once more to all the bloggers and other writers who contributed the more than 40 pieces to February's carnival. And yes, I hijacked MxMo for my own purposes. I think it worked out well for all. The most important thing to me about this year's Tiki Month was all the buy-in and participation I got from so many of you. There were vast opportunities to employ Rule 2 as blogger after blogger hopped on the Tiki Month bus and made their own contributions on their own blogs. I linked every post I saw, if I missed yours, please let me know. Beyond that, I got lots of comments this month. Comments are like nectar for bloggers, folks. When we get them, pro or con, we know you are paying attention. We all need to comment more. This month I got tons of feedback and it really kept me going. It wasn't easy, but I managed to average just over a post a day, not counting sideblogs. It wasn't easy, but the attention people were paying made it so. Aloha everybody. I hope you come party with me again next February, but I also hope you stick around and keep reading here the rest of the year! Exit Question: What do I drink tomorrow night, Old-Fashioneds or Manhattans?abc
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