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TIki Drink: Tiki Tylenol
Basement Bar Design—Tiki Decor: Fireplace
Tiki Skills: Mango Slicing With Alton Brown
Tiki Ha Ha: The Pineapple

TIki Drink: Tiki Tylenol

TikiTylenol Full
This cocktail comes by way of Board of Tiki Idols member, Doctor Bamboo. His name for it in its original form is the Pololu. You can find it in Beach Bum Berry’s Remixed, since the good Doctor never seems to have blogged it. I changed its name to Tiki Tylenol, because I make some tiny changes in the recipe, and because if Tylenol is a painkiller without asprin, and this is a Painkiller without rum…. Also, like regular Tylenol, too many can result in liver damage.


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with lots of ice and shake very well to fully emulsify the coconut creme. Strain into a largish cocktail glass and sprinkle surface with powdered cinnamon.

This is a particularly delicious, though non-standard Tiki drink. Gin and Cognac work better together than most people think, and at three ounces, pack quite a punch. My main change is to replace the original St. Germaine with the far more potent Thatcher, and adding a little apricot in place of the pear tones in the St. Germain. This change works well, I think.
It also lead to an interesting discussion two nights ago. I put the Tylenol on the menu for a bunch of bartenders. An hour and a half in, I observed loudly that I hadn’t served a single one of these drinks all night. They all looked at me, and one said simply, “It has St. Germain.” I replied that no, it had elderflower, not St. Germain, and what did he have against bartender’s ketchup? “Nothing,” was the reply. “You put a drink with it on your menu and you’ll sell hell out of it to one group of customers, but the others won’t touch it for anything.”

Basement Bar Design—Tiki Decor: Fireplace

Tiki Fireplace
This lovely artifact is old, I know. In internet terms, this post on something built and publicized in 2005 is practically anthropology. But man, is it cool.

This Tiki fireplace is the magnum opus of Tikiphile and Tiki Central member Biff Butler. He started by building the basic box out of sheets of pink insulating sheathing which he carved into the rough outline. He then built up the detail with fireplace cement. The eyes are made of surfboard resin and backlit. A smoke machine rests on a fireproof shelf over the mouth. You can read his discussion of the process at Tiki Central, and see a set of 48 photos of it’s construction on his own website.
The guy is a serious Tiki designer. Check out his bedroom here, in that old-fashioned Quicktime 3D format (Can’t Embed.) And you can see the rest of his Tiki bar living room in this video:

Tiki Skills: Mango Slicing With Alton Brown

The whole point of Tiki Month is learning things you’ve never tried before to better enjoy the faux-Polynesian experience. Most of the time for me, it is recipes. It could be decorating, dressing, or just grooving. But there are also the oddball skills.

For instance, I used to like to serve mango chunks with my drinks, because they are Tiki-appropriate, and because they are delicious. Also, there are several interesting drinks that call for mango puree, nectar, or syrup. But as good as mangoes are, I avoid them the rest of the year because they are such a giant pain in the butt to transform from attractive fruit to usable chunks.
If you haven’t fought this fight (and earned the scars), mangoes are a particularly difficult to work with fruit. They have a gigantic, fibrous pit which is very attached to the surrounding flesh. It is also almond shaped and you can get only a general idea of how it is aligned inside the mango by external inspection. The end result is lots of blind cutting into a slippery object. Your efforts will often be wasteful, and occasionally dangerous. OXO has a purpose-made Mango Splitter, but this beast is bulky and the definition of a unitasker. So, what is the guy who needs some yummy tropical fruit to do?

Enter my culinary hero, and my daughters’ role model and general sex-symbol, Alton Brown, with a fool-resistant method:

The video, as is typical for the master, simultaneously hilarious and very useful. I’ve tried the method. It works like a peach.

Get it?
See what Doug did there?
See, a peach has a pit, too. But it’s really easy to remove a peach pit, and….
You people are hopeless.

Tiki Ha Ha: The Pineapple

I’d SideBlog this, but the picture deserves the full sized treatment! Brought to you by @GinMonkeyUK, who is among the least Tiki tweeps I have on Twitter.

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