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Tiki Month 2013

Basement Bar Overhaul: Dressing for Tiki Month

Or, as we call it in the house, "Tuesday"
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That is me, slaving away meticulously in my lab, working to bring you the most rigorously researched cocktail knowledge imaginable, eleven months out of the year. But February is Tiki Month, and my beautifully appointed and equipped Basement Bar just doesn't seem right, now does it? During the first few Tiki Months, I made do with the transformation provided by a nice Aloha shirt, and maybe some Martin Denny on the Hi-Fi iPod. Last year, I had the guts to do my first Tiki party, and I made a first pass at decorating the place. The overwhelming majority of what I used was from Party City, i.e. vinyl, plastic, and cardboard. For my non-Tikiphile buddies, it looked great, and I was happy with it. But face it, an initiate of the Fraternal Order of Moai would have taken one look, patted me on the head and said, "isn't that nice!" This year, I really wanted to step up the game, especially since I plan to have a steady stream of guests all month. The results are far more impressive, with lots of natural materials. It still isn't up to the magnificent home Tiki bars you can find in this forum at Tiki Central, alas. But I really love my Basement Bar, and want to have it back unchanged at the end of the month. I restricted myself to reusable decorations that do not damage my walls, cabinetry or fixtures. Nothing permanent but the memories. abc
Basement Bar
Tiki Month 2012

Fun With Time-Lapse

This didn't come out as well as I had hoped, but I'll share it anyway. I used my DLSR to do a time-lapse video of several stages of my Tiki transformation of my basement bar, as discussed in these Tiki Month posts, Basement Bar Design #9: Tiki Bars and This Year's Final Exam. Specifically, I will note that the video does not include the changes in lighting I made, as those frames ended up looking so dark they weren't worth it. Still it's fun and illustrative of what I did, so here it is! {Larger version available at YouTube}abc

Basement Bar Accessories: Herbal Assault Part 1

OK folks, I'm going to take the risk of starting a series of posts that will stretch out over a series of weeks before it goes anywhere. I've always avoided multi-part posts because, well, I always assume I'll wake up one day and start forgetting to blog. I just went through a Winter of not enough herbs in my bar, especially mint. Even though it is Spring now, and my unkillable mint is returning to entirely too many parts of my garden, I'm going to blog the prgress of my new Basement Bar essential. I stole my wife's AeroGarden and set it up as a now permanent fixture at the end of the Pegu Lounge. I planted lemongrass, basil, and two kinds of mint. At each stage of it's progress, I post again until I'm getting lots of delicious fresh herbs for my drinks and you have to start suffering through posts about Basiljitos and endless mint juleps. Cheers! abc
Basement Bar

New Basement Bar Contest From Grant’s Whisky

Another distiller is sponsoring a home bar contest I thought you might be interested in. Grant's Whisky is a maker of blended scotch whisky, and they are sponsoring a dual contest. The Grant's Home Bar Experience offers an anyone can enter sweepstakes. Simply go to the website and enter your particulars. Oh, and be a US resident over 21. The five top prizes here are hardwood bars, with other prizes including 42" HDTVs and large mirrors for behind your bar. The second contest, for my fellow Basement Bar owners, is a judged contest. Upload up to three photos of your cool Basement Bar setup for the judging. The winner here wins $10,000 and further, about half that in home theater equipment. I invite you to enter. Of course, I entered too, so what good is it gonna do you? (click to enlarge) Awesome Home Basement Bar
My! You are cocky, aren't you?
Yes. Yes I am. But I'm pretty damn proud of my bar, so the smack-talk will continue! If you want to follow this specific series of posts on the Pegu Blog, you can subscribe to our Basement Bar feed here. Or you can just subscribe to the entire blog, with all its brilliant content, here! Here's a list of the other articles in this series that have been posted so far: [catlist id=47 orderby=title order=ASC numberposts=-1]abc
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