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End of an Era: Dos Equis Retiring The Most Interesting Man in the World™

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] [caption id="attachment_11132" align="aligncenter" width="1940"]Johnathan Goldsmith Johnathan Goldsmith[/caption] This is indeed the end of an advertising era: Dos Equis beer is retiring The Most Interesting Man in the World™. For nine years, actor Johnathan Goldsmith has reigned as alcohol advertising's most successful, most entertaining, most meme-ified, and yes, most interesting spokescharacter. His reign has been a singularly effective one for Dos Equis, increasing case shipments by about 35%, and making the brand a central component of Heineken's growth. To draw the curtain, Dos Equis is saying goodbye with a 60 second commercial, sending him off on a on-way trip to Mars. "His only regret... is not knowing what regret feels like." Please note, he does not appear to be going alone.... The combination of ad campaign and actor were lightning in a bottle. The ads, especially in the early years, were entertaining montages of the sly and the surreal. They were the kind of ads that kept your finger off the fast-forward button on your DVR, and would even make you reach for the rewind to go back. In the modern age of TV advertising, this characteristic is a pearl beyond price. The ads veered from solid life advice ("Men, if I can count the change in your pockets, it had better be there to pay your tailor."), to high adventure rescuing bears from traps and foxes from hunts, to clever word play ("His charm is so contagious, vaccines have been created for it.") to the frankly impossible ("If you saw him walking a chihuahua, it would still look masculine."). And all the way, it was impossible not to smile. And Goldsmith's rugged, indefinably exotic, aged-like-good-scotch looks made it all work, and seem, if not believable, satisfyingly coherent. Another bonus for Dos Equis was how meme-ifieable the character is. And the memes almost never cast The Man in a negative light, which is a bonus.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column css=".vc_custom_1457560357072{margin-bottom: 18px !important;}"][vc_masonry_media_grid grid_id="vc_gid:1457560319333-48fcaf5c-6759-6" include="11135,11136,11137,11138,11139,11140"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] But while the story has a happy ending, with The Man off to Mars with his blonde co-pilot, I'm not sure it is going to end well for Dos Equis. Yes, the campaign has grown stale. After nine years, it would be a miracle for it not to. So it may well be time to move on to the next thing. But Dos Equis is moving on to... a new Most Interesting Man in the World. Apparently the new Man will be a much younger one to let millennials identify.... You never catch lightning in a bottle twice. Try something new. Don't always go for the reboot. Buy when you do, don't screw up the characteristics that made the original work. See what I did there? When Dos Equis cast Goldsmith originally, they were looking for a much younger man. But Goldsmith's agent convinced them that The Man not only could be older, he had to be. Here's the hard truth, Millenials, (Do I need to say Trigger Warning before hard truths? Yes? Too bad.) you are not interesting. Sorry. It's not your fault (most of you). But you haven't been around long enough to have seen and done enough to be interesting. You can be smoking hot. You can be funny. You can be passionate. But you are not terribly interesting. Call us later. Dos Equis says their main concern is that "...people see the character and Jonathan as the same person. Hopefully as we evolve the campaign, they’ll get over that." Yes, that will be an issue, but one they can work through. They are professionals. But if they go with a young man, the new campaign will die on the vine. I understand that millennial hipsters are self-centered narcissists who think they are the only people who matter. Every generation is that. If you want to go with a millennial spokescharacter, fine. Go for it. But make it a different character. If you want to make a new Most Interesting Man in the World, that is also fine. There is a lot of gold to be mined from the changeover, at least, though I have my doubts that changing the actor will reinvigorate the writers. But make sure the new Man is old, old enough to be believably Interesting. Regardless, the new Dos Equis ads are a ways down the road. For now, let's go pick up a six-pack of Dos Equis, and raise a glass to Johnathan Goldsmith's Most Interesting Man in the world. The only way they could give your title to another man was by sending you to another planet.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]abc
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The Most Brilliant Liquor Ad of the Year… Isn’t

Dear Brother Johnnie Walker is known for producing some truly stunning, entertaining and evocative short films that masquerade as ads. Scotch ads in general are pretty awesome, but Johnnie's have been the best. I think it is because they leant so far into their mythos. Gently driving images of Scotsmen of indeterminate age but indisputable attractiveness, walking relentlessly across misty Scottish moor and mountain, exuding from every frame a sense of restrained, subtly joyous manliness will evoke the realization that while the Romans may have invented stoicism, the Scots made it worthwhile. Whatever one's consciously identified ethos, just beneath the surface of the mind, all men want to be the characters in Johnnie Walker ads, and all women want to be with them. And their latest ad takes it up a notch... with a twist, several in fact. The foremost is that Johnnie Walker didn't make it. Watch it now. It's only 90 seconds and well worth every one. Don't read on until you do. That folks, is a student-made spec ad from Germany. I'm pretty sure that 90-second amateur videos don't get Oscar consideration for Best Short Film, but this one should. It's a masterpiece of moving picture story-telling. In less time than it takes (me) to whip up a Rob Roy, it tells a complete story of a life well-lived and tragically cut short, of familial love, and devotion, and loss. The cinematography is gorgeous, the camera tricks seamless, the music is perfect, and the words are transfixing. It is the film equivalent of Hemingway's legendary (in every sense of the word) six word short story, "For Sale, baby shoes, never worn." And as an advertisement, it is almost perfect. The story doesn't just touch, it pounds on a central element of human existence that any person of an age to be buying Johnnie Walker has begun to confront, and it inserts the product in a subtle way as a central element to both happiness and healing. Its only flaw is that the brand has changed its slogan and its marketing narrative of late from the Keep Walking that was perfect for this story to one that is less so. Still, I wish Daniel Titz and Dorian Lebherz all the success in the world, in the United States would be preferable. They are the kind of ad makers that can keep me from hitting FFWD on my
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The New James Bond Heineken Ad Is Pretty Badass

The new James Bond Heineken ad celebrating Spectre is pretty cool. What I like about this is, it is actually a classic beer ad, i.e. the suggestion that the mere presence of the advertised beer will make your life a fantasy come true. In that way, this Specter ad is very similar to the Skyfall one from 2012. Interestingly, the earlier one was very much in line with the Skyfall spirit: A chase of our hero through dark and somewhat surreal realms. Meanwhile this new one is almost distinctly Roger Moore in character, down to the Hervé Villechaize appearance. I find it hard to believe that Spectre will have quite that level of joie de vivre, though. What do you think?abc
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A Heartfelt Plea

Ron Jeremy just doesn't get any respect. This auteur is one of the most prolific actors and directors working in the cinema today. Not to mention the fact that his entire career is one huge blow after another to the pernicious "Lookism" so rampant in the Business. (And by The Business, I do mean The Industry!) Yet, despite these impeccable credentials as film master and social justice icon, and the fact that the evidence of his Jewish upbringing is both enormous and well-documented, the Canadian Powers That Be relentlessly refuse to allow his films to be shown at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival! The video above is Ron's heartfelt and subtle appeal for this ban to end, expressed in a short film, as befitting this heir to Orson Wells. Oh, and I continue to believe that Ron's ron, er, rum is under-appreciated as well. I'm actually serious here. Ron de Jeremy is not at all an all-purpose rum, but it honestly, no shit, makes a wonderful Rum Old Fashioned. And it has one of the more brilliant ad campaigns out there. I can't recommend visiting the website and exploring its offerings enough... especially once you are two or more drinks in. (H/T: Sploid)abc