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For the Catholics Out There… OK, the Rest of You Too!

First off, the reason for this post. Watch this video. Just watch it. Trust me. Of course, this is a cocktail blog, so I offer the following as companion:
THE PADRE LIBRE Mix Rum and Coke in narrow highball with ice. Just before serving, squeeze the lime quarters and drop them into the glass, all without letting the recipient see what you are doing.
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Random Pimping of Other Blogs

Jealousy, thy name is me. Dr. Bamboo is one of my favorite blogs. I'd read it regularly for its writing alone. I especially like cocktail bloggers who go through their process of concocting and refining a, usually new, drink, and the good doctor does this very well. He doesn't post often enough, but there is a good reason for that. In fact that reason is why I think he stands out from the crowd and why I'm posting this little babblment. Doctor Bamboo is one heck of an illustrator. He includes at least one original drawing with each post, and they are all fabulous. You should read him. Always. Who am I kidding? I'm not writing this to send you to his blog. I'm writing this so I can feel good about stealing one of his illustrations and posting it here on my blog, thereby giving some classy visual interest to this shabby, rundown joint. Here's the picture from his latest post: Looks cool all on its own, doesn't it? Now, if you want to make sense of why a Kentucky Colonel's secret identity is Bobsled Man, go read his blog and find out!abc