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Tiki Drink: Captain’s Blood
SideBlog: Vote For Matt Robold as Tommy Bahama’s First Rumologist™
Rule 2 Work: Rumdood is *Not* a Tiki-Blogger!
Rumdood is Once Again Held Hostage
Rumdood Held Hostage, Day Seventeen
Cocktailians Unite! Someone Needs a Whuppin’!

Tiki Drink: Captain’s Blood

Cocktail-style Tiki drinks really have ended up being the central theme of exploration this Tiki Month, and here is another: The Captain’s Blood. Of course, both in name and in flavor, the Captain’s blood is more Pirate than Polynesian, but I’ll allow it. After all, pirate stuff has a long association with Tiki, just as spy-themed music and paraphernalia do. And Tiki’s patron saints, Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic, were really pirates in all but the name. (They also omitted the bad hygiene and most of the old ultra-violence, but let’s not quibble)

There are all sorts of recipes for Captain’s Blood on the web, and aside from all pretty much containing rum, lime of some fashion, and usually bitters of some type, there seems to be no definitive recipe. I suspect that this is one of those drinks with a great name that has been reverse engineered from the memory of the taste countless times, and for which we shall never find a rock-solid origin or original formulation. I went with the one of CocktailDB, which has propagated the farthest on the web and which is the most nearly Tiki in character. I made two amendments, which I will explain.


  • 1 1/2 oz Jamaican dark rum
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • 3/8 oz honey mix
  • 1/4 oz falernum

Shake ingredients and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish nautically.

The original CocktaiDB recipe calls for one dash of Angostura and a half teaspoon of sugar (roughly 1 tsp simple syrup). That result I found to be too thin, even sour, in flavor, especially if you are looking for a Tiki, or at least a Tiki Compliant, cocktail.
Increasing the bitters demonstrates that great, largely unappreciated by the masses, cocktail truth: Bitters in small amounts don’t increase the bitterness of a drink, they knock the edges off other outsize flavor elements instead. In this case, the extra bitters just sands down the sourness of the lime and falernum without hiding the underlying flavorful goodness.
I got the idea for the honey mix from Rumdood’s old post on homemade falernum. It was my choice to up the amount. I like the melding of the flavors resulting from the added sweetness, and the honey also gives a tiny bit of additional complexity. But make no mistake, this remains a tart drink. The honey also gives a tiny bit richer body to the cocktail, which I like as well. Next time I try it, I may even replace the honey mix with gomme syrup, to see how far I can take that effect.

The suggestion for this Tiki Month post from Jason McGrady, who presides over the mahogany at Sazerac Restaurant in the Hotel Monaco in Seattle, where Maggi and I stayed two Summers ago. What’s that? Yes, I keep in touch with bartenders I haven’t seen in two years. I keep track of an incredible number of good bartenders around the world whom I seldom actually see. You never know when I am going to have a sudden need for an agent to do me a favor and make me a good drink. I’m like the Shadow that way.

“Someday, bartender, I will need a Manhattan from you….”
Source: Alex Sheikman

And hey! This post is part of Tiki Month 2013 here at the Pegu Blog! Be sure to look around for LOTS more Tiki stuff all February!

SideBlog: Vote For Matt Robold as Tommy Bahama’s First Rumologist™

Vote for Matt Robold (Rumdood) to be Tommy Bahama’s first Rumologist™.
Once a day will make you feel great.
{Pictured above: NOT Matt Robold}

Rule 2 Work: Rumdood is *Not* a Tiki-Blogger!

It has been nearly a year since I’ve given Matt “Rumdood” Robold any grief on these pages. This sort of neglect is what happens when I have actual interesting things to write about here.

You think that what you write is interesting?

Well, no. But entire tens of people read this blog, so I soldier on.
And in the interest of the new Rule 2 Project, I’d like to note that Matt has posted an entertaining read about a cocktail that is perhaps the entire historical arc of Tiki in a specially shaped glass. The Rule 2 Work this month is aimed at Tiki posts by non-Tiki-bloggers, and since Matt is infamously not a Tiki-blogger, here you go.
Matt seems to be a sucker for grand old drinks that once were awesome and now are usually, um… not Scottish. His rants about trying to get a decent Daiquiri or Mai Tai in a restaurant are the stuff of mild amusement legend.
Matt’s target this month is the wonder and horror that is the Hurricane. It is a good read, so I won’t bother teasing it with stolen pictures or his recipe. I’ll just leave you with this quote:

Of course, as the drink has become corrupted over the years, the variations of the recipe have multiplied like rabbits set loose in a Viagra factory.

Rumdood is Once Again Held Hostage

Not really. But Matt’s had this conversation a hundred times, and probably told the tale a thousand.
I just wanted him to have a shortcut from now on. You are welcome, Matt.

Rumdood Held Hostage, Day Seventeen

Dude, I mean Dood, you are writing on my wall.

Curse you!
It’s the only way I can record my incarceration.
Let me log out, you vile cur!

Hey, it’s your fault, Mai Tai Boy!
You got me hooked on this drink, and I’m out of the Extra Old.
I need more ways to make great Mai Tais. Work your blendy magic for me, and I’ll release you.

But I have! I have caused the web to be flooded with Mai Tai blends.

Huh? Where?

Don’t you check your own RSS reader?
I snuck out my notes via carrier rat. You can see my post on my blog.
I’ve given you a whole damn Month of Mai Tais! Now let me out!

Huh. I’ll have to look at that….

Look at it?!?
Tiare, who never gave up on me, has posted a Month of Mai Tai’s too!
Let me out!

Kewl. Though I seem to remember that Rick and Blair….

They’re on it! I promise.
Let me log out, and I’ll go pester them. But if you don’t let me out soon, I’ll fade away forever. Just look at me!

You do look crummy.
Tell you what, you’ve done well. Here’s a Mai Tai made with my last reserved XO.

Oh God!
[gulp] [gulp] What am I doing?
[sip] [sip]

Ah! Thank you!
May I log out now?

Yes please. You are cluttering up my blog with irrelevant, silly posts that do nothing for my august reputation as a serious cocktailscienti.


Oh, and Dood, congratulations on the 2008 Food Blog Award!

Hmmm. I really do like the whole Mai Tai experience, top to bottom. Perhaps I should look into the area of cocktails further…..

Cocktailians Unite! Someone Needs a Whuppin’!

There is a blogger named Michael Bauer at SFGate.com who put up a post a short while ago expressing irritation at the way some San Francisco restaurants handle their cocktail menus. It’s a short, throwaway post, but it has ignited a very entertaining flamewar in the comments. The best flamewar, in fact, that I’ve seen in a cocktail post, evar. (H/T: OH Group)
There are some wine snob commenters that are epically in need of correction in this post, particularly a twit named crypled2. I call on the assembled hordes of the cocktailosphere to get over there and turn this flameware up to eleven.
I particularly think this up your alley, Nerd.

You want me?

Gabe! Run!
He’ll get you too!

you’re still stuck in here?

Fly you fool!
He comes…

Gabriel, so good to see you.

[cocktailnerd has punked out]

See you later, Gabe! Just make sure you go pound those wine idiots!
And as for you, mister….


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