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Plan a fun and engaging murder mystery for your next event with Killing Time

In business since 1995, Killing Time offers unique murder mystery parties for your corporate or private event, customized for you and your guests, and held in a space of your choosing.
We accomodate groups of guests between 16 and 30 adults in a standing, cocktail party-type atmosphere, and most importantly, we employ no actors. Your guests will play all the roles, even the murderer and the victim!

Service Highlights

Great entertainment for groups of 16 to 30 adults.
Flat rate for any size group.

No actors. Your guest play all the roles.
This also makes us affordable all over the US.

Great for both business and private events alike.
From team building to house warmings.

A variety of entertaining scenarios are available...
Or have us write one just for you.

Our Company

For over twenty years, Killing Time, murder consultants has been providing fun, immersive murder mystery entertainment for both business organizations and private groups all over the United States.

Whether you are planning an event for an established group or a collection of people who have never met each other, Killing Time murder mysteries work great. For a close-knit group, having everyone play a character in the story helps everyone step out of their comfortable old ways of interacting and look at each other in a fresh way. For a group that doesn't know each other well, our murder mystery events will help them get to know one another, and leave them with a lasting shared experience to build on.

Business Events

Team Building


Great for Team Building exercises. Give your group a great, fun experience where they have to work together organically to capture the murderer.

Seminar & Meeting Entertainment


Gathering key employees for long meetings, or perhaps at a convention or trade show? Keep them refreshed, safe, and entertained between long days with an evening’s battery recharge.

Holiday Parties


While employees often look forward to holiday events, simple banquets can too often devolve into work cliques just sitting among themselves. Bring your employees together as a whole in fresh new dynamics for a shared experience.

Private Parties



Eventually standing around celebrating how wonderful the guest of honor is (or how terribly, terribly old they are getting) loses its appeal. Celebrate that special day with some great fun for all the guests and keep the party fresh the entire time.

Neighborhood Parties


Whether it’s a housewarming, block party, or just an excuse to reconnect after a snowy January, make your next neighborhood get together one to remember.

Social Networking


Want to make an impression on prospects, colleagues, or influential contacts? Whether it is your turn, or you want to raise the bar, burnish your reputation as a creative, next-level go-to person for them all.