Welcome to the Pegu Blog

Welcome to the Pegu Blog

Hello, and welcome to the Pegu Blog! This is the obligatory first post on a new blog, where we tell a world that is not (yet) reading us what we plan to write about.

My wife and I have been fans of the Pegu cocktail (also known as the Pegu Club) since making our first batch in 1998. Since then I have made it a personal quest to bring this classic, early twentieth century cocktail back to prominence. If you are a bartender and I walk into your establishment during any kind of lull, chances are you are going to be learning how to make a Pegu!

My name is Doug Winship, and my fearless co-blogger will be my wife, Margaret. I am a writer by trade and run a high-end murder mystery entertainment business, Killing Time, murder consultants. I’m writing this blog as a way to keep my writing muscles trim and toned during those time when I’m not writing much new mystery material. My wife is a former professional editor, so whenever the blog’s posts seem actually polished, you can assume that she has been on-line as well.

For more about us, check out the Doug and Margaret links in the header. You’ll also find the Pegu Blog Official Formula for the world’s ultimate unknown cocktail up there under recipes.

Thanks for dropping by, and Cheers!

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