Where we discovered the Pegu

Where we discovered the Pegu

In 1998, Margaret bought me a very nice drinks book called Cocktail: The Drinks Bible for the 21st Century. To this day, it remains my favorite mixed drink reference. It has lots of recipes for cocktails obscure and well-known. The illustrations are beautiful. The writing is witty and entertaining enough to read whether the drink in question appeals to you in the slightest.

Oh… and it is the first place I ever saw the recipe for a Pegu. Thank you, Paul Harrington and Laura Moorhead.

  1. Paul Harrington

    23 July

    I had no idea there had been a blog dedicated to the Pegu. If I had to pick one drink that typifies what I tried to do with Cocktail, it would have to be the Pegu. The Pegu is so prevalent in the resurgence of cocktail bars around the world, I wonder how many others share the same discovery experience as yours. From Laura and I, you are welcome.


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