Tanqueray Rangpur is growing on me.

I really am liking the Rangpur a bit more lately. The first bottle I bought was a hip flask of the stuff on a lark. I tried it at first, and it went OK. I’m finding that on a second go round, it really has its charms. It is never going to be my first choice for Pegus, but it does well for a change up. And if you don’t like my basic recipe, or think it is missing something, do give the Rangpur a shot.
Oh, and I must also admit that part of my going round again with the stuff is my boy, Tony Sinclair. He works so hard to bring us the stuff. Here is a spiffy little vid the good folks at Tanqueray put together of his adventures in search of the rare and wondrous Rangpur (h/t Sachin Agarwal):

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