Great Cocktail Book Quotes #4

How to drink a cocktail:

Quickly, replied the great man, while it’s laughing at you!

—The Great Man is Harry Craddock, as quoted in the forward of The Old Testament

This is my favorite cocktail quote of all time. It is fun, magically descriptive, and sage. If you make it your creed, you will be happy. But if you make it your creed, and you mix your cocktails with a heavy hand, you will be severely hungover!

  1. Ryan McClure

    1 October

    Great site. Concise and informative. My company, Cocktail Cool LLC, is co-organizing the IBA Championship in Taiwan this November. I’d love to submit an article on the subject. Our site is still being worked on but the content is up for any comments or criticisms:
    Our bilingual bartender guide (Chinese/English) will be available November 22, to be launched at the IBA Championship four day event in Kaoshiung, Taiwan. Our site is bilingual as well and if you are interested in contributing or linking we will get your article translated and available to China. Thanks for any forthcoming.
    Best Regards,
    Ryan McCLure
    Cocktail Cool LLC

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