On Finding New Booze: UPDATED

On Finding New Booze: UPDATED

I was recently in Houston, Texas to do one of my murder mystery parties. I’ve recently had a resurgence of interest in my business from that state. If you are wondering why people there have cash on hand to spend on murderous fun, perhaps this graph will provide a clue:
Price of Oil

Got me?

Anyway, I had some time to kill (har!) and was driving out toward Tennis Express, a very large tennis only clothing and equipment store that I have visited in the past. As I rode down the road, I checked out the bazillion business that lined Westheimer Rd. A small grocery store caught my eye when I realized that is was not a small grocery store, but a giant liquor store!

It was a good thing I had plenty of time, because I sure spent a lot of time in there… and a lot of money, too. I got some gins that I can’t get here in Ohio, some other boozes, and a bunch of cool mixers and finishers. I’ll detail each item I purchased with its own post, hopefully coming up with a few recipes along the way. Watch this space for Adventures in a Giant Box of Booze I’ve Never Seen Before! (in Disney 3D!)

UPDATE: Robert tells me in the comments that this wasn’t even the big Spec’s in town! While my eyes were still watering from that little piece of news, I went to this morning, and am presented with this story!

  1. Robert Heugel

    6 February

    The next time you are in Houston, you need to let me know. Now, ponder this, you missed the BIG Specs…

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  2. Doug

    7 February

    The mind is just not grasping THAT!

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