Mixology Monday: Variations

Looks like I’m back just in time for the latest Mixology Monday, hosted this month by Jimmy’s Cocktail Hour. This month’s theme is Variations, so I’m going to try a first for me: A cocktail of my own devising!MxMo-24: Variations

I’m sure it will take the world by storm….

Look, why are you butting into my MxMo post? I gave you your own account! Go post under your own name.

It’s more fun to diddle with you here.
Make your own recipe? I can’t wait for the train wre….

Will you please shut up? Let the man give it a shot. I’m certainly up for an adventure. Please go on.

Duelling sock puppets…. I’m back blogging for less than a week, and it’s already come to this!

Anyway, this is also part of my spiffy, AGBB series. Today’s treasure from the Big Box O’ Out of State Booze is (Drumroll!):
Milady Cranberry Liqueur! I saw this on the shelf and I had to bring it home.

It has such a cute little hat! I’d like one like that! Let’s get a bottle.

Hey there, Milady(har!), kindly back off! Didn’t you say to leave him alone? Like he, or any man—especially me, is really going to buy a bottle just because of a little pink hat!

Well… um… see, the truth is I kind of am a sucker for little hats on bottles. Didn’t you read my last post about Broker’s Gin?

Of course. I forget. After all, you are the king of pink drinks.

As I said before, Pegus are not pink! And for the record, neither is Milady’s hat—it’s fuschia.

I stand corrected. I am completely convinced of your manliness. In fact, I’m not sure which convinces me more: That you bought a bottle of hooch because it was wearing a fuschia hat, or that you felt the need to make the distinction between fuschia and pink….

Uh, thank you.

So I went looking for a manufacturer’s website for Milady, and it was quite hard to find. Turns out it is made in Moldova. I don’t recall ever buying anything made in Moldova before. I guess I should just be glad it isn’t made in China. But, I’m thinking that it will be a while until the PRC makes many inroads into the U.S. Liquor market. Even Darcy would have a difficult time coming up with a really good cocktail that uses Creme de Plomb…. The manufacturer of Milady is SRL Renaissance Perfect, and their website is actually pretty cool. I don’t usually put up with Flash intros, but this one is better than most. The site focuses on their Vodka, Perfect, but has a bit or two about the Milady line, which show in the pictures as Desert Perfect. A rebranding? Different label for the U.S.? I don’t know.

But besides the hat, the thought that immediately leapt to mind for me was: The would be cool for Cosmopolitans! The more I thought about it, the better it seemed that it would work for me.

  • It passes the laziness test (an important hurdle here at The Pegu Blog): It won’t spoil anytime soon, thus I don’t have to worry about checking the date on the cranberry juice or finding out the hard way that it has gone bad.
  • It is an unusual ingredient, which means I can be pretentious exotic by employing it!
  • Finally, the bottle shape and fuschia hat make it pretty enough to keep out for display on my bar.

OK, now I just have to make up a recipe. When I happened to stumble across this month’s MxMo theme, I went into overdrive to come up with a recipe. I haven’t tried making my own concoctions before, as I said, and the ingredients are fortunately tasty enough individually that my several false starts were not too disgusting to drink.
You can find my usual Cosmo recipe here, which I used as a starting point. For the first run, I simply replace the juice with the Liqueur. You experienced mixologists may take a moment to chuckle.
I said chuckle, not laugh your ass off! Done? Good.
Next I dropped the Cointreau, reasoning that there was enough alcohol in the liqueur already, but this still left it too sweet. Adding more Lime Juice to equal the amount of Milady made for a better balance, but the drink was overall still too thick, and too dark. The Milady Liqueur is very viscous, and needs a lot of diluting to get the drink from a bloody red to a more pleasing pink.
My latest try seems to fit the bill, and has shown repeatability. It has the lightness of a Cosmo. It tastes like Cranberry, without being too sweet. Yet it still possesses a certain… stickiness that makes it different and interesting enough to be its own drink.
The final question was what to call it. I had nothing here until Thursday night at the poker table. Among those trying to take my money was Pegu Blog Certified Bartender™ Tony’s boss, Bill. We were discussing my efforts and he was asking about the Milady. Among the things I mentioned was its rich color and thick texture, as well as its maker being Moldovan (Romanian). After another hand or two, and about 70 bucks more in my stack, I put those two tidbits together.
Thick, red, viscous fluid, a drop of which, when spilled on the counter looks like something Gil Grissom, or The Sunglasses of Justice would send to the Lab….
Comes from Romania….
Light bulb.
The …

The Dracupolitan

  • 3+ parts Vodka
  • 1 part Milady Cranberry Liqueur
  • 1 part Lime Juice

Shake well over ice and strain into a martini glass.
Garnish with a wheel of lime.

If you have some Milady, give the Dracupolitan a try and let me know how you like it!

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