Critical Daiquiri Information….

Critical Daiquiri Information….

In case you hadn’t bothered to look, I added a right sidebar to the blog. The cool little feature I wanted to add is the RECENT DISCUSSION DOWN ALONG THE BAR widget. You should find the latest posts from two to six cocktail bloggers on my blogroll there, randomly determined. Give them a quick view.

And this is Critical Daiquiri Information… how, precisely?

And what is so critical about Daiquiris? And if it is so critical, perhaps you should do something to call attention to it. You know, like Drudge’s siren.

You mean like this?
Critical Daiquiri Information— Developing….

Thank you. Thank you so very much.

Sorry about them, folks. I just wanted to mention that via my own new little sidebar device I saw Jeffrey Morganthaler’s latest post. He’s found a new video from the American Bartending School on Daiquiris, and he has a few comments. Nobody fisks a bartending video like Jeffrey does. Follow the link, and enjoy.

By the way, the Critical Daiquiri Information included in the video is that there is no longer any need for limes! Not that I would care, of course. I mean, limes don’t mean anything to me, or anything like that….

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