The New York Times Has News You Can Use!

The New York Times Has News You Can Use!

Time for another poke in the eye to the Enemies of Moderation. By the Enemies of Moderation, I mean the fascist nanny-staters who believe that no one can be trusted to behave in moderation. If something could be bad in excess, then they work hard to pretend that it is bad in any amount. They then encourage, browbeat, or even attempt to legislate abstinence from said thing. Today’s New York Times has an article on yet another study showing that moderate alcohol consumption is good for you. (H/T
The study reported on shows that even life-long teetotalers who take up drinking in middle-age can see health benefits from moderate consumption in only a few years. It is an interesting article, and well-written. It’s worth a read.
Incidentally, in case any of you who actually know me are worried that I’m making positive comments about The Gray Lady, I’ll now balance my praise.
Today’s Science section has a thinly veiled attempt at excusing former New York Governor, Elliot Spitzer, for his recently uncovered despicable behavior. (Click that link, you won’t be sorry!)
The Times article discusses the prevalence of infidelity in outwardly monogamous species other than humans. Well, all I want to say is that humans are not swans. Yes, we have the same impulses, but we’ve spent millennia evolving capabilities that separate us from animals, such as conscious fidelity—and the ability to make alcoholic beverages!
Oh, and to the author Nathalie Angier: My compliments on the good writing above? Not so much applicable here. Was catabolism on your Word of the Day calendar this week? I understand the urge to use the big words. Believe me, I understand. But when you are deploying the ten-dollar vocabulary, it really needs to be the Mot Juste, not a word that sounds more applicable than it really is.

Wow! Grumping about nanny-staters, encouraging teetotalers to start drinking, and unnecessary English Major snark, all in one post before nine in the morning? I guess I ate a big bowl of Curmudgeonies™ today….

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