Basement Bar Design #0: Introduction

Sorry about the light posting lately—I’ve been suffering from a severe bout of good weather. Time spent blogging before has been spent playing tennis!
But I also have been spending a lot of time working on a long new series of posts, and I think it’s time to start rolling them out!
Too much of what I write about is stuff I either recently learned, or have no real expertise with. Big deal. That’s par for the course for most bloggers, but I would like to write a bit about something I really do have some expertise in: Putting together a really kicking home bar.
My own bar, pictured below, is one of the best you will find.

The Pegu Lounge
The Pegu Lounge
…, or as we call it, Thursday.

Pretty bold statement there.

Yep. But true.

No IMHO, or other comment about how other’s may legitimately disagree?

Not really. I’m not going to be talking much about stylistic or thematic choices. And where I do, it will be in the context of how to make your own choices work in the practical structure of the bar. I travel around the country for Killing Time all the time, and spend a lot of time in the homes, party rooms, and basement bars of scores of clients, both rich and middle-class. Change the colors, finishes, and accessories, and I’ll wager my bar would make just about anybody short of an eight-figure millionaire quite happy.
This started out as a simple one or two part post, but it has grown massively in my draft folder. There will be a bunch of posts to come, soon, on how to design, put together, and equip a really top notch home bar. I realize that not everyone will have the budget I did when constructing the Pegu Lounge, so I’ll be discussing costs, tradeoffs, etc. as well.
Our first subject will be defining the Basement Bar, and examining the whys and wherefores. Ready? Then click here.

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  1. WOW i think having a home bar looks awesome! Great blog (Y) looking forward to reading more in the near future!

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