Basement Bar Design Factoid #1: Sheds

Basement Bar Design Factoid #1: Sheds

OK folks, I’m taking extra long to work up my next post on designing your basement bar. Sorry. But has just pointed me to another place besides Basements, Lofts, and Extra Bedrooms where you can throw together your own Thoroughly Modern Mantuary.

A secret cave?

A sewer?

Nope. A Shed.
Seriously, this is an excellent place for your Basement Bar, if you have the land for a shed. You can run power and easily run plumbing, without trashing your abode. It is isolated, as per requirements. And Sheds don’t cost a lot. If you live in Minnesota, you could cut a hole in the floor, put it on runners, and ice fish while you mix Pegus.
What could be better?
Back to the blog post I want you to look at. Apparently, in England (where else?) they have a whole culture of tricking out your shed. And they have an annual set of awards to recognize the coolest shed in the land.
Behold the 2008 Shed of the Year!
Let’s see what we got here:

  • Ceiling Fan
  • Cool Lighting
  • 3(!) Fridges
  • Comfy Guest Seating
  • Running Water

Seriously, if your zoning and climate allow, this is a great place to build your bar!

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