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OK, so as I said, I’ve been paying a little more attention to Bourbon lately. Today I ran across a delicious new way to employ Bourbon, Maker’s Mark to be specific. Use it in Ice Cream! We were browsing for lunch down at Columbus’ North Market and came across…

Hey! Not to interrupt, but why aren’t we at Tales of the Cocktail?

Not to interrupt? I think you are. I’m trying to write about ice cream here.

My question stands.

Because I can’t afford the time or the money, OK? Especially the time.

But I really wanted to go!

Then you go. Tell me about it when you get back.

You’re joking right? I’m a sock puppet! One part of the job description is that I’m always mysteriously exactly wherever you are, even though we are, of course, completely independent people.

Well excuse me! I’d love to be down there, destroying my liver, watching demonstrations on making 80 proof marshmallows, and generally drunk-blogging up a storm. But as I said, I can’t afford the time! Even if I hadn’t just spent twelve days in Orlando, Summer is not a good time for travel for us, except for business.

It’s the schedule! That’s it. They probably chose that date just to make it hard for me, er, you to attend. The schemers!

Please, I’d never suggest such a thing. I’m offended you did.

Sorry, I appreciate your modesty on the subject. I just think it is so darn irritating!

Are you done bitching?

I don’t know. Am I?


Oh wait! I forgot. I was talking about ice cream. We have a local ice cream maker here in Columbus called Jeni’s Ice Creams. They make a lovely selection of specialty flavors, most including some unusual ingredients, such as Queen City Cayenne, Wild Berry Lavender, and the flavor that started this train-wreck of a post, Maker’s Mark Buttered Pecan. I love Butter Pecan ice cream to begin with, and even have a good recipe for making it myself, but this really caught my eye. Jeni’s description says it has a big Bourbon punch, but this (fortunately) overstates things. You can taste the Bourbon, but it does not stand out. Instead, it melds perfectly with the toasty nuttiness of the buttered pecans. It is some delicious stuff.
The only problem with this is that now I have things to do. I need to try this with my own Butter Pecan recipe, and I hope I get the amount of Bourbon right the first time, or I’ll weigh 200 ponds before I get it right. Also, I think that a bigger lesson to be learned is that Bourbon makes a great backup singer to the kind of nutty, sugary flavors in this ice cream. There has to be a dessert cocktail or two in here.

Maybe it’ll keep you mind off all the fun you are missing in New Orleans!

Oh, shut up.


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