Drop by Gabriel’s Place

If you haven’t visited Cocktailnerd this week, head over when you’re done here.
First off, he has a poll I hope a lot of people vote on about the Hard Shake. I smacked this around in February, but Gabe has some cool new thoughts, as well as the aforementioned poll that deserves some votes.
Secondly, he has an hilarious story that has completely reignited my jealousy over Tales of the Cocktail. They apparently held a funeral, New Orleans style, for the Appletini. There is some rich, nougaty humor there, both in the event, and in Gabriel’s coverage.

  1. Gabriel

    31 July

    Thanks for the warm words, Doug. I’m actually pretty happy with how the obituary for the Appletini turned out where normally I’m only mildy-to-partly pleased.

    Hopefully you can make it next year. It is exceedingly difficult to not have a good time in NOLA.

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  2. Doug

    31 July

    Thanks Gabe.

    I am plotting a way to get there. We don’t have local relatives, so I’ll have to think WAY in advance. And June just really is a terrible time for us to leave home.

    Of course, I was also excited to see the funeral, because I can use it for an upcoming project. I’ve been trying to produce a drinkable Appletini for some time now (with absolutely no success… Surprise!) When I succeed, I can do a huge Mad Scientist-themed post on bringing it Back To LIFE! BWAHAHAHAH!

    It’ll be awesome. All I need to do is come up with a drinkable Appletini. In the meantime, you may notice my business’s poster murderess in the ad to the right holds three murder weapons: A gun, a bomb, and an Appletini….

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