Mixology Monday: Triple X (OK, MxMo 30)

Mixology Monday: Triple X (OK, MxMo 30)

I almost missed this one, but as you shall see, perhaps that is for the best.
This month’s MxMo is hosted by Kevin at Save the Drinkers.
This month’s theme is Local Flavor. We are supposed to come up with an original cocktail from our current home, or one that embodies our locale.
I know of no cocktails that originated in Columbus, Ohio. Sorry.
So that leaves local flavor…
Well, I am down on our local entertainment value of late. (Some days I think things are getting pretty good here, but not so much of late. Besides, work with me here.) So I have just the drink to embody the soul of Columbus, Ohio.


  • 3 jiggers tap water
  • Ice

Serve in a Highball glass.

Ta Da!

I humbly apologize for wasting your time. Well, not really….

Update: Kevin accuses me of drunk-posting. I was stone-cold sober when I did this. Honest.
Oh, and he complains that I had no picture, so here’s what I’m talking about.


  1. Jacob

    13 August

    I forgot you were in Columbus! I just passed through for a weekend, we could have had a drink. Instead I enjoyed Skyline Chili on my own.

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  2. Doug

    13 August

    Everyone just passes through Columbus. We’ve been passing through for 19 years now….
    Give me a call next time!
    Um, by the way, for all I grouse about Columbus, there ARE better places for a cocktail than Skyline…. On the other hand, this June one of the stores has a sign out front saying, “Hey Mom! Get Dad a Three-Way for Father’s Day!”

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